Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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10 Davillian regulars showed up on the first day of school for a beatdown that went something like this:

Mosey across parking lot to a light pole.  COP consisted of 208 exercises in 20 reps sets at different light poles around the campus of AHS.  Exercises included, Invisible Jumprope, DQs, LBCs, WWII situps, Hillbillies, Imperial walkers, something else and conclude with 8 burpees.  All IC

Mosey to soccer field for 11s.  10 merkins, run across field for 1 LBC.  Repeato until 10 LBCs and 1 merkin.

Mosey to sidewalk to grab a pole for pole smokers.  5 polesmokers for each PAX member and run to end of line.  Repeato until all PAX have completed polesmokers.

Mosey to AHS building for Triple Check.  Exercises included BTTW, Burpees and run to other side of BBALL court.  Repeato 3 times.

Lineup for Line of Fire.  PAX feet six inches off ground.  First PAX completes 10 LBCS and run to other end.  Repeato until all PAX completes LBCs.  Stay in same line and hold plank.  Each PAX complete 5 merkins while rest of PAX hold plank.  Repeato until all pax have completed merkins.

Mosey to bus loop for curb crawls.  Bear crawl across bus loop for 5 incline  merkins, crawl bear back for 1 decline merkin.  Repeato until 1 incline merkin and 5 decline merkins.

Mosey to AHS entrance for American Hammer.  x15 IC

Mosey back to VSF.  Numberama, Namearama, YHC took us out with a prayer.


Keep LabRat and his family in prayers, as his grandmother passed and they will be traveling to Ohio this weekend for the funeral.

Keep the BRR teams in your prayers for a safe and enjoyable run this weekend.

Reesestrong 5K coming up in a couple of weeks, followed by 2nd F a YHCs house.  See previous Preblast for more info.  Still time to sign up for the F3RVA team.

NMS: It is BRR week and YHC wanted to start the day off with 208 exercises for each mile of the BRR that 22 F3RVA, 4 drivers, 1 logistics and Honeymoon (who will running with a NC F3 team) will cover this weekend.  Add in the fact that today is the first day of school and the YHC returned to the basics with some of the more familiar exercises and routines included in a lot of our workouts.  The entire PAX crushed this mornings beatdown.  You could tell it was the first day of school as the PAX bolted out of the parking lot to ensure nobody missed the bus this morning.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to lead.

Circle K


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  1. Awesome Q this morning Circle K. Really enjoyed the COP change up of running from light pole to light pole. Great to see everyone this morning! Good luck to the parents with school age kids on their first day!!

  2. Strong Q this morning, Circle K. I don’t think we have ever gone up to 20 for Don Quixotes. It may be time to try 100 IC of those! We may all get motion sick and splash merlot everywhere! More seriously, you kept us moving and pushing us with tried & true exercises. Thank you for leading us!