Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Working on Our Ground Game – Volume 1


Five ground pounders represented for the Labor Day edition of The Punisher, a special celebration of the Hoos victory over The Tribe in their tri-ennial match-up (28-10 win for the Good Guys).  Here’s more-or-less how it went down, all in Linwood Holton’s yard (omage to Swirly).


3/4 run around building
Don Quixote x10
Hillbillies x28
SSHs x28 (spelling U-V-A)
Reverse crunches x10
Mercans x10

Mosey to the…wait…1 burpee…to celebrate W&M’s one third-down conversion.

Mosey to Bus Circle for Ground Game, Vol. 1, Part 1
One member of our Tribe started each round as the bear, as in, bear crawling around the parking lot loop.  The others were runners making a loop of the circle.  The first man to catch the bear became the bear.  Continue until all 5 men served as the bear.
First round: 3 burpees when bear was caught.
Second round: 10 squats.
Third round: 10 LBCs.

Mosey to Wall for Ground Game, Vol. 1, Part 2
3 rounds of personal ground game.
First round: 30 donkey kicks, army crawl, then 5 burpees…burpees AMRAP for the six.
Second round: BTTW to a 20 count, army crawl, then 5 burpees…BTTW for the six.
Third round: 30 4-count Freddie Mercury, army crawl, then 5 burpees…FM’s AMRAP for the six.

Extemporaneous Team Building Exercise:
One repetition for each letter in the word.  x20 for T, x18 for R, x9 for I, x2 for B, x5 for E.  Frankly, YHC has forgotten the order of the exercises, but believes LBCs, SSHs, mercans, burpees and one other exercise were involved.

Light Post Run for Ground Game, Vol. 1, Part 3

Run from wall to Monticello on a straight line, right turn to Laburnum, right turn to Hermitage, right turn to home.
At each electrical post (lamps, school zone, security camera, crossing sign, etc.), perform exercise.  Include posts on opposite side of street.
Illuminated light: 5 mercans
Extinguished light: 5 burpees

Mosey to Flag
45 seconds of Mary…10 four-count reverse crunches

Number-rama, Name-a-rama, YHC took us out.

BRR this weekend…stay safe, stay healthy, and ABT
Reese-Strong 5K (work on 5k the Hard Way)
Convergence September 30


YHC was happy to see a stalwart group post this morning following a neighborhood back-to-school / last-day-of-summer event Sunday night.  The group was split between celebrants and mourners after UVa’s victory over The Tribe.  After a 168 yard W&M rushing performance against a suspect UVa D-line and an equally poor showing by the Hoos rushing attack, today’s sunny and 70 conditions offered just the weather to work on our ground game.

YHC confesses to being somewhat haphazard for this morning’s beatdown.  Not having Q’d in a bit, YHC’s timing was off.  Thank you for your indulgences.


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  1. It was YHC’s pleasure to lead this morning. YHC will long remember Offshore’s comment…”This feels like it’s all made up.”  

    YHC confesses. Indeed. It’s all made up.

  2. Touche Upchuck, glad we had Ronnie and Chum Bucket there to represent the Tribe. I stayed in the Fartsack as I chose to taper for BRR, definitely not because I was hungover…

  3. That was a National Lampoon Vacation reference. But yes, the school zone sign seemed like an improvisation.

    With thanks to Jville for my new Avatar!