Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Labor Day Stroll


3 Davillians climbed out of their fart sack to take on a little extra time to run on this labor day holiday. Since none of us had to be to work today hour long routes were put into action. This is how it when down:


MudFace’s Route: Mosey to the bus loop around the schools for his normal 5 minutes of running and 10 minutes of walking.

Spit and Pavarotti’s Route: Mosey down the school loop road into Honey Meadows, take the cut through to Kings Charter. Turn left onto Kings Charter dr, loop back around from Atlee Station Rd down to Spring Ivy Rd, left back onto Kings Charter Dr down to the clubhouse, loop back to the cut through and back onto Meadow Pond Dr down to the pond trails, head back up to the school loop finish strong to the parking lot. Pavarotti total miles around 6.5, Spit around 6.85.


YHC decided to get a little extra Zzzz in so we didn’t get started until around 5:40 (sorry fellas I was on holiday time). When he arrived just after 5:30 he noticed MudFace and Pavarotti already walking around the parking lot. They came back then YHC and Pavarotti headed out.

It was great to have Pavarotti join us for his first trip to the Monday run ground. Thanks for the mumble chatter this morning and way to push yourself today sir!

Link to our route below:





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