Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

COP in Swirly’s front yard


2 stalwarts posted on a labor day morning for a workout.

The Thang::

Curb crawls with derkins and incline merkins.  Mosey to Swirly’s house with 10 squats at each telephone pole with run in betweens.  Halfway to his house, we switched to lunges between poles then followed by a run between poles.  Arrive at Swirly’s house.  Mosey to his front lawn for COP.  SSH x 20, LBC x20, Don Quixote x10, Imperial Walkers x 20.  Write notes on Swirly’s windshield, take the shovel flags from the back of the truck, prop one up near his truck and the other at this front door with the paper underneath.

Mosey back towards the park.  10 copperhead squats at each pole.  1/2 way back switch it up to 30 WWII setups at first pole, 30 carolina dry-docks at second and 30 squats at third.  Reduce number by 5 at each successive pole.  Arrive back at the AO and Mosey to front of building.  Elevens with dips and jump squats.  Mosey to start.  Flutter kicks x20, Rosalitas x20.  COT and out to coffeetaria.


Showed up at the AO at 515, Bleeder, but no Swirly.  530 comes along, no Swirly.  TYA asks Bleeder who has the Q, finds out it was not taken, so TYA takes the lead, but both decide that a trip to Swirly’s was in order.  For the COP in front of the house, we had a typical COP, we called cadence, probably a little louder than we normally did.  About halfway through the COP, Bleeder looked at me with a big smile in the house and said “Two idiots in a friends front yard working out, yet it is so much fun”.  I could have stayed in the front yard and exercised for hours and been incredibly happy.  It is the little things in life that makes life fun.

Felt like the days of the past.  It has been since the early days of F3 RVA since there was a workout with just Bleeder and TYA.  Brought back memories of some of the first RAMM runs and a few other Mary workouts.  One good observation…we are a lot faster an in a lot better shape than we were back then.

Coffeetaria was awesome..

TYA Out.


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  1. Fantastic. Nice work, boys.

    Great to have you all join us at the Coffeeteria Convergence on Boulevard. Thanks to Chum Bucket for posting our intentions…way to bring the AO’s together on a Monday.