Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Are you ready for some football??


15 surly dudes showed up this morning at The Creek (5 were 2.0’s) to tackle a football themed workout!

Scout Run around the church 2x

Increasing Emom
1 minute to perform the task given.  If a PAX member finished early, it was rest time for them.
Started with 5 SSH and 5 merkins, increased to 10 of each, then 15, then 20, then 25, then 30.
Circle K suggested that he could do 40 of each in a minute, so we tested it.  Everyone else did AMRAP’s.
At the end, Circle K said he did complete the task, but with not the best form on the Merkins.

Shift over to the picnic tables to do 10 IC dips and 10 IC raised merkins to give time for more light to appear in the sky so we could do the next thang.  haha.

Headed to the far corner of the field (where there is one lone street light) to perform a fumble drill.
One PAX member was the fumbler at the end of the run.
All else lined up behind the first cone and held squat position until it was their turn.
Runner ran forward to first cone, sideways to the next, backwards to the next cone, sideways to the next one
and finally forward to the last, where the fumbler threw the ball on the ground and the runner dove on the ball to collect the fumble.
The runner became the next fumbler and Fumbler moved to the back of the running line.  Every once in a while, the PAX did squats or jump squats while waiting.

Next drill:
3 groups — one QB, one WR, one DB.
QB hikes, WR runs a pattern, DB tries to defend
Incompletion = 1 burpee for all
Interception = 5 merkins for all offense
Completion = 5 merkins for defense
rotate stations

Over Under Relay
2 teams spread down the line in plank position.
One runner from each team leaps over the first dude, goes under the second, etc. until the end where they get in plank and become part of the obstacle course.
First team to complete everyone running through wins.

Back to the Flag for some Mary
Spit led the gang while YHC retrieved his phone.  10 merkins around the circle.
Then, after YHC got back, we did X’s and O’s, then 10 Rosalitas, 10 Dories, 10 Rosalitas IC

Numbers, Names, Announcements, Bring it In

YHC wore his RG3 jersey this morning to commemorate the beginning of the new football season!  In the opening circle, I was explaining why I wore my RG3 jersey this morning and Carpenter chimes in with some pithy comment about us getting injured and never being the same afterwards.  He is a Giants fan, so take that for what it’s worth.
The fumble drill was fun to do and to watch others do as well.  Highlight was Circle K receiving a fumble that was more like a bullet pass right to the upper chest/head area.

Wish it had lighter for the passing drill bc we would have had more completions, but as it is, we had a few interceptions and completions.  Mostly bad passes and drops though.  Highlight was Wilt’s longish catch in the dark.  YHC was impressed!

The over under relay had some funny moments, like YHC trying to go under one of the 2.0’s (possibly Recess) and lifting him off the ground in the process.  Mudface — kudos to you on the unders.  You rocked it.

Giant props to Recess for finding YHC’s car keys after the workout was over.  Whew.  Thought Wilt and YHC were going to have to squeeze in the Mudface-mobile to head home.

Fun times had by all this morning.  Enjoy the video — it included Leon Lett’s gaff as well as the Romo screwed up FG hold so it had to go on the BB.

— Opus




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  1. Great workout Opus!! Really enjoy that COP opening! Awesome to have the 2.0’s out there as always. Glad the youtube link isn’t work. I don’t want to see my boy Romo drop that ball again!