Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Now Playing “Dora” in the Theatre


17 strong attacked WDOG this morning and here is what was playing in the theatre ….

COP: 10 burpees, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Helicopters,  Russian Solders, Flutter Kicks, APD’s, Arm Circles, SSH’s.

Up the steps: Incline merkin Ladder 1-18

Down the steps : Dips ladder 18-1

Dora : Partner 1 run out and around the theatre back to the bottom  – partner 2 start the first  exercise – 100 Captain Thor’s  – 2nd exercise 200 knees – toes sit ups, 3rd exercise 300 LBC’s.

Ring of Fire : 10 clerkins 10 workins each – around the horn..

Mossy back to the flag.


YHC is not sure what was the  most amazing thing  this morning – the cool weather – Flashdance  being on time – or Upchuck being back at a workout?  TYA and Labrat seem to think it’s Upchuck being back cause they both thought that dude quit … Welcome back Upchuck… Hey Flash – keep it up man (see it’s better when your on time ) weather man we love you keep it coming baby!

The morning was spent in the Theatre – YHC felt the pax needed some culture 🙂 ….. Little mumble chatter during the warm up – something about Saab being real careful during the windmills 🙂 take it easy Saabski .. As the pax was beginning the dips ladder Labrat noticed some lights on in a car – he thought it was Hardywood’s ride so word made it’s way to the other side of the theatre to Hardywood – who somehow got over to check it out while we were all on the same set/step (dude is fast) good news is it was not his car – nor was it Conspiracy’s, Saab’s, Flashdance’s, or anyone else’s – must have been someone from the running group – (bummer) looks like they will be running home….

The Dora took longer than expected – YHC had at least two more fun things planned that we could not squeeze in today – oh well – next time fella’s.. Not much running this morning since there is a WED HILL run tonight ! But we got some good arm/shoulder and Ab work in – well done dudes..  Thanks for letting me take the lead this morning – it’s always a pleasure !

Announcements : BRR 1 week away baby ! – Wed Hill run / meeting tonight 5:30 -RUN/ Beers/ Water/Food/Fellowship – if your not doing the BRR you are still welcome to join in – so come on out – @ TYA’s  house ..

Reese Strong – Crab picking – please respond the the 2nd Preblast Circle K posted – we need head counts so we can order the crabs/ oysters / beers etc…. So please sign up – all are welcome. Please sign up for the run too – do the 5k the hard way – a regular 5k – the 2.0 run whatever – just do it – and support a great cause !

Convergence : Sept 30th – out at Gridiron 6-8 come on out and celebrate 3 years of F3 in RVA!

See Conspiracy if you are interested in joining a group from his church heading down to Houston on a recovery mission – and please keep those folks in your thoughts and prayers at this time.

1 more day in the 100 mile monthly challenge – go get it boys !

See y’all in the gloom..



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  1. Seriously thought my arm was going to give out on those planks after the dips. Could not hold myself up with one arm they were so spent. As always nice Q Swirly.

  2. It has been a good while since I felt like I couldn’t hold myself in a plank…. A few times today my arms nearly buckled. Thanks for making it feel like the first time all over Swirly. (Que Feels like The First Time by: Foreigner or Like a Virgin by: Madonna…) whatever your preference I am not hear to judge.

  3. Perhaps fleeting, but today was the best I’ve felt/moved in months. Almost chub-worthy. Thanks for the serious beatdown Swirly. (Unlike others, I was not having to save myself for the Wed evening run….).

    Of note, I would have beaten Scrappy back to the flag had I been able to properly grab a hold of his shirt as he whizzed by me.

  4. Sorry, guys. Honestly, I tried to cancel my membership. Apparently, that’s hard to do in a group with no fees, no initiation ritual, and no actual requirements. It’s harder to cancel this than my 12 CDs for $0.01 commitment.

    To be fair, y’all need to nomad more…I’ve been nomading all over North America. I shared the F3 spirit in Florida, Utah,…fellas people in Iowa want to DO THIS now. Folks, that’s some kind of cold in Iowa. Those boys are nuts.