Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Good guys, bad guys & Lug Nutz?


4 strong answered the bell on an awesome Monday morning!

The Thang

The traditional route through Tarrington with the 5 milers making the loop and 4 miler proceeding immediately up Ashwell.  Turn left on Robious and right on Ellesmere.  Follow to Brigstock and turn RIGHT.  Left onto Twin Team and back to Bettie Weaver.


In an effort to redeem oneself for the Q where the PAX got lost and ran roughly 9 miles trying to find their way back to the AO, YHC plotted the path for a repeato!  Success at last, all members of the PAX returned safely and on time.   Not that there weren’t opportunities for chaos as Wedding Singer had the runners in front of him disappear at a key intersection.  Rosie of course provided some local clarity and Honeymoon is now an expert in all roads traveling through the Robious corridor.  The only thing missing was our guest/beast from the northeast, LabRat and Phonics.  Come on back fella’s!


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  1. Wedding Singer on

    Goes without saying but it is very much appreciated when the front runners come back and get the back runners. That is a good 5 miler though.

  2. Move it closer to the city and Lab Rat is IN.

    Alas, my motivation (Phonics) is starting back to school so my Southside passport is put away until Christmas break.