Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Elective sofa sleeping


Sixty degree weather and reduced humidity brought a PAX of 7 for The Punisher.  As I’m sure is true in other F3 households, YHC’s better half appreciates the opportunity to offer advice and counsel in the pre-Gloom gloom as YHC bumps the bed and kicks shoes while feeling in the dark for pre-selected F3 attire.  Not.  So following a 3:30 AM whiz, YHC collected clothing and accessories and headed downstairs to sleep one additional hour on the sofa.  I’m sure M Chum appreciated this.

Clavin, Honey Do, Lockjaw, and Saab were in the Holton Elementary parking lot early and were sporting F3 gear.  Dexter, Offshore, and YHC arrived at the same time with enough time to plant the ShovelFlag in the hard ground and to say a few words to one another.

The Thang:  Mosey across the parking lot and into the front field for COP with Seal Jacks, Don Quixotes, Imaginary Jump Ropes, Helicopters, and Hillbillies – all x 20 – followed by Arm Circles – small and big, forward and reverse.  Honeydo pointed out, mid-exercise, that the Jump Ropes have previously been referred to as Invisible and not Imaginary.  Offshore later argued that Imaginary made more sense.

Off Campus portion of the workout:  Jog south from the school to the grassy median at Wilmington and Hermitage and complete the following sequence of exercises:  Merkins, Squats, Box Cutters, Carolina Dry Docks, Forward Lunges (single count), Flutter Kicks (double count), and Shoulder Taps (single count).  Complete 30 of the first exercise at this stop and 15 of the others.  Wait for all to finish.  Jog down Hermitage to the next grassy median for the same sequence, but with 30 of the second exercise and 15 of the others.  Repeat the sequence, moving the 30 reps through the sequence at each stop – @ Confederate, @ Palmyra, @ Westwood, and back.  Seven stops total.

Return to the school grounds for 5 Burpees and 25 APDs, then COT.  YHC took us out.

TNM:  Nice work fellas.  Hope you are recovering Clavin.

Announcements:  BRR – September 8th and 9th,  ReeseStrong 5K – September 16th, and Convergence – September 30th.



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  1. Looks like Clavin ended up with a broken rib, hope you feel better man.
    As to the Imaginary or Invisible Jump Ropes they sound similar but couldn’t be more different…

  2. First a sniper gets Viral at a Gumbo workout. Now Clavin. The mosey sniper is claiming the BRR drivers one by one. Saab and Marmaduke should remain vigilant.

    Clavin, I hope you feel better soon. That was a nasty fall on concrete.

  3. Really appreciated the extra amount of running today Chum…yes sir, that was a real treat.

    So BRR lost another today. Just to be safe, I am beginning to think all PAX should just commit to Seal Team workouts over the next two weeks…that way no gets hurt, injured, tired, challenged, etc.

  4. Thanks for the out-of-the-box Q Chum Bucket. Sorry I wasn’t able to finish it.

    It was a rough night last night. Doc says I shouldn’t do any burpees for awhile. I’m crushed at that thought!

    Seeing how Patient Saab has been during his recovery gives me something to strive for. One day at a time…