Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Twin Team Wildlife and Port-o-loos


5 soldiers assembled at Twin Team for an SOJ beatdown. Nobody had taken Q, so EF Hutton and YHC called a Hot Potato audible…and it went something like this:


Mosey around bus loop while Flipper secured AO’s port-o-loo
COP: SSHs, Merkins (deer snorting in woods), Box Cutters, Crab Cakes (Flipper exits, then re-enters), Russian Soldiers, DQs

Flipper joins PAX for mosey to bus loop in front of school for Zig Zag Bear Crawls: 10 curb side crawls to the right, bear crawl across bus loop, 10 curb side crawls to the left, bear crawl across bus loop – repeat until PAX reaches sign

EF Hutton takes the Q: mosey to edge of parking lot for Pole Smoker Indian Runs: hold six inches, end guy does 5 heals-to-heaven, then runs to next pole down

Mosey to field house for Donkey on a Hill: 20 Donkey kicks, then perform assigned exercise up hill and around light pole: Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Lunge

Mosey to hill at side of school for modified Jacob’s Ladder: burpee at bottom, Bernie Sanders up hill, burpee at top, run down hill – repeat until Q says stop

Flipper takes the Q: long mosey to track for 6 Sided Laps: run a lap, stop at 4 corners and each 50 yard line for assigned exercise: 15 merkins, 15 squat jumps

Bear Crawl 50 yards

Mosey back to VSF. YHC takes Q for 4 min of Mary: Capital Letters, Hello Dollies, APDs, Wilson’s Spaghetti Party, 20 LBCs OYO


Glad to know Flipper has scouted out the outdoor facilities at the AO. Check with him on conditions.

EF Hutton pointed out how close some deer were to our initial COP, then they proceed to snort while the PAX performed merkins.

Solid work this morning as the PAX packed a lot in during the 45 min workout.

Flipper set a remarkable pace during the Donkeys on a Hill. Not sure how he crab walked so quickly!

Then he crushed YHC’s soul: 6 x 15 merkins during a lap around the track ain’t no fun.

Jenny Craig maintained terrific form during the squat jumps.


Lots of F3 activities in September.
Sept 8-9: BRR
Sept 16: Reese Strong 5K + Crab Fest @ Circle K’s house
Sept 30: F3 RVA Convergence @ Grid Iron (6am & 7am)

Join DK’s NFL Survivor Pool…so far we have 105 folks signed up!
Pool password is: redskins#1


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  1. Someone tell Jenny Craig we keep our shirts on after the workout. You feel good about yourself after a workout then that happens. Geez.

  2. I would like to start with my apologies to The administrators and to Mrs. Bettie Weaver herself. It was meant as no disrespect what happened at your lovely school this morning… porta -loo sounds so awesome, but let me tell you when you are shut in a plastic box in the dark unsure of what might be lurking in the black hole you sit on, it’s not that awesome. Anyway thanks for keeping it close while I checked out the facilities. And EF totally agree my self confidence is now shot. Well done fellas