Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Shuttle Run Fun


Six soldiers congregated at the Washington Henry battlefield and conquered the morning kettlebell-style. Here is what happened:


Mosey to side of school




(All exercises IC)

SSH x 20

Neck circles x 10

Arm circles x 10

Hip circles x 10

Copperhead squats x 15


Technique Practice

Half Pax does face-the-wall squats for two minutes.


Other half serves as look-out (ensuring no one gets charged for indecent exposure) and performs hand-to-hand cleans.




Mosey to center of track


Partner kettlebell shuttle runs


Partners line up across from each other, about 20 meters apart.

Partners alternate shuttle run, performing the following exercises:

  • No exercise, just transport kettlebells
  • 10 double-hand swings
  • 5 Turkish get-ups (alternate arms)
  • 10 snatches (alternate arms)
  • 10 sling shots (alternate rotation)


If resting, hold alternating plank and Al Gore.


Mosey to flag


MOM and stretch

American Hammers (with kettlebell) IC x 5, 2 sets

Hamstring stretch, 2 reps

Boat-Canoe (with kettlebell) x 5

Hip flexor stretch each leg


Numberama, Nameorama, No Idea took us out.




YHC thoroughly enjoyed working out with this great group of men this morning. At least half of the Pax was nursing hamstring strains, so the workout was modified somewhat. Note there were no mandated lunges, although Yard Sale took it upon himself to lunge to home base after getting lost during the shuttle run. (It was dark, but c’mon man!) Chewie was noted to push through strongly as he continues to hone is strength and form. YHC was unsure how to interpret the mumblechatter when stretches were integrated in MOM. One man asked if we could get a water break, too. Yet, another suggested a routinely dedicated 10-minute stretch added to these workouts. Next time YHC may add some souped-up stretches involving partners and multiple kettlebells, and we’ll see if anyone makes facetious comments about water breaks!



  • Reesestrong 5K on September 16th. Crabfest (plus) at Circle K’s afterwards.
  • Blue Ridge Relay is weekend of September 8th. They may still be looking for a few good men.
  • Viral is fundraising for something – Mud Face (or Viral), can you help with the details on this?

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