Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Valhalla! It’s a good day to die



5 runners met in the GLOOM, four of which had not a stitch of anything that could be considered reflective, or luminescent.

Route:  Schools laps (reverse).  Head out across the front of the school to the bus parking lot, cut across the grass to Honey Meadow.  Hang a right and run down to the AHS cut thru road, hang a right and head back to the cars.  Each loop = 1.6 miles.

NMS:  On the way to the AO this morning, Lab Rat ate a Cliff Bar, drank a cup of coffee, and changed the pandora station off that stupid crap my kids like into something with a little more soul. (Pro tip:  take a bite of cliff bar then a drink of coffee and blend it together in your mouth.)  This is probably what the average driver is doing that we would run into during a run at 0600.  Why in hell would you play “hide and seek” with them on a road?!?  I mean, I am all for risking your life, but do it for something more fun or meaningful than getting a few miles in.  Get lights, get a vest, get something and wear it!  Do it for me.  Do it for your wife.  Do it for your kids.


Apology of the week goes out to Daenarys Targaryen.  Lab Rat and John Snow are sooo sorry.


Lab Rat apologizes.


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  1. Good loop this morning LabRat. Sorry for leaving you behind but got to keep working on the half marathon pacing.

    Enjoy our COT talk at the beginning!