Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



As BRR approaches 4 pavement pounders headed out toward Gumbo’s house on a rollercoaster of fun.  The route was the Rollercoaster into River Downs, back to Gumbo’s cul-de-sac and back home.  Add hills where desired to double back or cut short as needed.

Had YHC listened to the latest podcast before the run I may have backed off and and talked to Lugnut about the tactical driving experience.  I have not made it through the whole thing but the first half created a lot of questions I wish I had before the run.  Wedding Singer is ready for the BRR, whether he knows it or not, he’s looking the part.  He’s also hoping the weather down there is more like New England last week and not the soupy mess we ran through this morning.  Honeymoon tried to coax Wilson out this morning but he seems to be taking lessons from Lockjaw and is in taper mode after going strong last month.

The eclipse is today in case you haven’t heard.  Be safe.  Also, take a note from Lab Rat when running in the dark, try to wear lights, light colors, reflective vests, etc.


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  1. Hey Rosie, do think using eclipse glasses bought from a North Korean website is OK?