Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Eclipse Lake


7 well rested souls arrived at Batteau for an eclipse beatdown before the sun knew what was about to happen.


Mosey to COP

10X Merkins,
30X LBC’s
2X 15X Arm Circles

Mosey down the Steps

Incline Merkins / Dips

Mosey to the Lake,
Eclipse Lake Loops
20x Merkins Run Lake Loop, Bear Crawl the Bridge
20X Merkins, 30X WW II Situps, Run Lake Loop Lunge Across Wooden Bridge, Bear Crawl Bear Crawl bridge.
20X Merkins, 30X WW II Situps, 15x Knee bends, Run Loop to Wooden Bridge, Lunge Halfway across Bridge, then Reverse run half lake loop

Sprint up Hate Hill to first light pole. Lunge 20 steps, Bear Crawl 20 steps, Lunge 20 steps, run back to the flag

Best Shot took us out


By all accounts, The PAX ran 3.2 miles. Scrappy’s comment to Best Shot, “Bleeder Q, it’s going to be all upper body and Abs!” Although YHC is quite effective with Upper Body workouts, YHC wanted to see some mileage in BRR prep mode; hopefully Scrappy was not disappointed.

Both BT and Sippy were back in action after some time out of town, The cost differential for a cup of coffee between the two trips is being analyzed. YHC is pretty sure, Sipp’s coffee was going to fresher than BT’s; South Carolina versus South America. Both sounded like great trips!

Several announcements, Please see other backblast’s for more details on those.

Bleeder out


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  1. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    The welcome back party has made BT very tired today. Well done, Bleeder. BTW, every time I type in “Bleeder” on the mobile app it autocorrects to “Blew Dee.” Annoying, but kinda funny.

  2. Well done guys, sorry to miss out at Batteau – I took an FNG to Punisher and got a Splinter beatdown.