Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lacking only vaporub


A half dozen regulars posted for GridIron.  Arranged after Circus Maximus on Thursday, Johnsonville, Earthworm, and YHC agreed on a Hot Potato Q.  The Qing sequence was quickly agreed-upon just before the starting bell with Earthworm opting for the finish, Johnsonville taking the start, and YHC taking the middle slot.  Jville commandeered the Clown Car bringing White Deer, Hoops, and Cletus.  Earthworm and YHC arrived solo.  The air was worm and humidity was very heavy.

Johnsonville led off the starting COP with SSHs, Merkins, Hillbillies, Pickle Pounders, and Don Quixotes.  We completed 23 of the first exercise, 13 of the second, 19.5 of the third, and YHC lost his ability to count thereafter.  Jville led our mosey over to the sideline of the nearby fine turf football field and we completed a Bear Crawl across, a Crab Walk back, Karaoke facing west and headed back across the field, and, facing the same way, Karaoke back.  Hit the endline and turn around to complete a Back Pedal for the entire length of the field, complete 10 Burpees, and Back Pedal all the way back.  One more pass down the length of the field via Plank Walk facing north for about 10 yards, turn the other way and plank walk, Bunny Hop, Duck Walk, and Polar Bear, stopping at the far end zone.  From under the goal posts, run downhill to the bleachers at the lower field and Back Pedal back up the hill, completing 5 rotations.  Q tag with YHC.

Completed 100 LBCs OYO in the end zone.  Up and mosey to the school parking lot.  Complete 6 exercises in sequence:  Wide Grip Merkins, Squats, Flutter Kicks (2 count), Carolina Dry Docks, Forward Lunges (1 count), and Box Cutters.  First round – complete 30 of the first exercise followed by 15 of the others. Move to another parking space.  Second round – complete 30 of the Squats and 15 of the others, moving the 30 reps through the sequence.  Audible called as time approached 7:40 AM.  Had just finished the 3rd round.  For 4th and final round, completed 15 reps of the first 3 exercises and 30 of the last 3 exercises.  Q tag with Earthworm.

PAX self-selected, following Earthworm’s instructions, long or short mosey routes back to the starting parking lot.  The PAX had deposited kettlebells on the sidewalk prior to the start of the workout and returned to this spot.  Lined up on our backs with our heads at the edge of the curb, we completed rounds of Pullovers, Alabama Prom Dates, Skull Splitters, and APDs once again.  Earthworm had the PAX pass around a nickel and the individual receiving the nickel would complete 5 additional reps of the next exercise.  We completed, by YHC’s count, five full rounds of this sequence.  Finished with a couple of minutes to spare and circled up for one-armed Upright Rows, passing around the heavier bells.  In the same spot, COT and Jville took us out.

Announcements – Convergence, ReeseStrong, and BRR – check this week’s other posts.  Jville and Earthworm – correct where needed.


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