Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

First anniversary of my 41st


A healthy crew of nine gentlemen joined together at Punisher to start the week off right.  Here’s what went down:

41 SSH

12 Don Quixote

Arm circles – 10 small, 5 big.  Reverso

Imperial walkers

12 merkins

41 lbcs on your own

41 apd

Mosey to the basketball court for some suicides.


2 4 6 8 burpies (whoops – I said merkins, so that’s what we did).


2 4 6 8 merkins


Mosey to the playground for 3 sets of dips and AMRAP pull ups.

Partner up for some leg tosses  2×20

Next, mosey to the school for alternating wall sits and balls to the wall (Extra credit goes to Upchuck for reminding the class to do an extra balls to the wall).

Then back to the basketball court for 4 corners of 41 reps of squats, lbcs, Freddy Mercurys and monkey humpers.  Repeato.

Finally a quick triple check with donkey kicks, WWII situps and run to the fence and back.  Then back to the flag.

COT: Numberama, nameorama and Saab took us out.

Thanks fellas for coming out to celebrate the first anniversary day of my 41st year.  It was a pleasure.

See you in the gloom!


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  1. Good solid workout – and thank you so much for the suicides at the start…it was a pleasure to try and push through that.

    Upchuck was really trying to win favor with the Q today.

    Happy birthday. I’m going to make certain you are present for my 52nd…more of everything !

    Saab out