Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Add Twin Team


3 BRR trainees posted at RiverRun for some early week hills on a sunny and 70 morning.

The route is the standard Riverton into Tarrington, Ashwell Loop down Twin Team.  Only this time instead of adding a loop around the school, add Twin Team until time is up.  Unfortunately we only got 1 time up Twin Team before it was time to head back to the VSF.

Quick countarama/namearama to get the PAX off on their day.

We almost lost EF Hutton in a hole coming through the gap in the woods.  It was a new location Honeymoon had found.  No evidence that he was trying to sabotage the Richmond BRR team.  Good thing EF Hutton is ok, YHC watched him almost go down and had visions of Swirly’s ankle.  May need to trim the bushes to get through the usual location.

As far as I know we are still looking for a runner or two for BRR.  See TYA if you enjoy having fun on weekends.


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  1. Sorry i missed the run today. Needed sleep, but will run tonight. Maybe I’ll post a backblast…………I only need one or two PAX right?

  2. I was all set to join y’all but my two year old son had different ideas last night. Hope I can get him to sleep and make it out to this next Monday.