Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Crash into……….


Eighteen men showed up on a cool rainy morning for an experience that has never happened before an F3 RVA workout (at least for YHC).

At approx. 5:50 am, a few of us were doing the norm and greeting each other when all of a sudden a LOUD crash is heard. Immediately we all stopped and looked to see where on the road the wreck was. There is really no way to say this without a mild giggle, but Pavarotti, when pulling in hit the light pole. YES you heard that right. The light pole all by itself with a bright light on top. As soon as he hit it, threw it in reverse and found a parking spot and jumped out.Like nothing happened. Once we assessed he was not injured, Honeymoon reviewed the damage. ONLY a small piece of trim. Pavarotti then stated “oh that comes off all the time”.   Really dude? How many things do you hit? Seriously – he hit the light pole! After some laughs and poking fun, we got started.

The Thang:

Mosey to VITA track and run to the memorial for COP:

SSH, Don Quiote, Russian Soldier & LBC

Mosey to burpee row. (Honey Do would have smiled) Count off into two teams (actually for later) Start at the end by the field, 2 burpees every light pole. At end turn and repeat.

Mosey to field where 14 cones were set up in a straight line two feet apart. Three cones were a good distance down the field. YHC figured it was Chumpcar Race weekend, so why not have a little competition ourselves. We called the exercise Touch & Go. We hope the Schultz Racing team finishes in first place.

Here is how it worked: Each team jogs in place while a team member of each team plank walks and double touches each cone. At the end of the cones, they run to the three cones down the field and back. The next team member starts the cone plank walk when the other starts running. A bit of adjustment and strategy was required. After two rounds team 1 was up by 2. YHC decided we should go 3 out of 5. Team two took race 3 & 4. With some tire pressure adjustments and an adjustment in the order, team 1 took the final race. Got pretty intense!

Pick up cones and mosey to amphitheater for triple check. 1. Double leg step ups (come down as you wish – heard a few references to the Princess Bride) 2. Monkey humpers 3. Incline, Decline & regular merkins. YHC called an audible somewhere in the middle of the third round to get in some signature Mary.

Ring of fire – Flair required and no repeats. Great job by all men. Phonics even broke out the ONE ARM Merkin. Amazing! Bleeder – Honeymoon and you should have a lift off competition. I’d pay to see that!

COT in amphitheater – Honeymoon took us out and clearly stated to his higher being he is NOT Wilson!


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  1. Coming from someone who’s just clawing his way back from DL, I thoroughly enjoyed today’s workout. You kept it challenging and fun Wilson. I also appreciate you having my back throughout. Having that rain come down heavy during Touch & Go really topped it off.

    Thanks for keeping your knees together Circle K, and apologies for not doing the same.

  2. Also note: Be careful of trying to play with Big Data…I presume placing all the PAX names under QIC is frowned upon by Corporate (and Honey Do)

  3. Nice catch Saab. Not an attempt to manipulate.Simple error that has been corrected. Big Data……………..maybe a discussion for another day or a panel on a podcast???

  4. Outstanding Q Wilson. I can see from the distance we covered that you love running and that you would like to do more of it. Great time at ETs. Please pray for Goldberg so that his heart doesn’t explode during meat week. Be super.

  5. Enjoyed the Q today Wilson. I’m amazed the small cones survived. They as well went through quite a beatdown.
    Nice move leading us to the stage. Is there another AO where we can do ring of fire with 18 without moving a picnic table and stay dry during a downpour?

  6. I was leaving Richmond early this morning driving in some serious rain for a beach trip I was bummed that I missed working out in the downpour with my brothers!

    Have a great week all! I will add my Myrtle Beach posts while I am DR this week. 🙂