Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Greatest Workout In the World (Tribute)


Note: YHC could not remember The Greatest Workout in the World, this is just a tribute.

Slaughter Start – 10 Burpees
Parking Lot Tracers
– SSH (20), IW (15), DQ (10), Merkins (10)

Mosey to the soccer field for Fantastic Four Corners (10 merkins, 20 jump squats, 30 copperheads, 40 LBCs). Repeato 3X

Mosey to the outdoor basketball courts at JRHS for a Ghost Bouncers Triple Check. Station #1: Donkey Kicks or BTTW. Station #2: Flutter Kicks. The Ghost of George Washington (more on that later) sets the pace running to the road and back.

Cool down a bit with some OYO 20-Count Mary. Alabama Prom Dates, Rosalitas, Single Leg APDs, LBCs, Other Leg APDs, LBCs, probably some other stuff YHC can’t remember that was totes amazeballs.

Mosey back to hill by the soccer field for Bearway to Elevens. Bear crawl to the top of the hill, perform exercise bearcrawl back and do the same exercise. Monkey Humpers (2x), Merkins, SSHs, some other stuff.

COT: No Numberama, no Name-a-rama, Viral took us out.


When SOJ takeover week was planned by the the Southside’s version of General Patton, AKA Rosie, YHC looked at the schedule and realized one southside stronghold would probably need some coverage. While most of YHC’s comrades-in-arms were parachuting behind enemy lines in order to advance the Redneck Agenda on Friday, YHC decided YHC could best help by guarding the baggage train — AKA TwinTeam.

Pulling in the parking lot four minutes prior to start time, YHC shouldn’t have been surprised his vehicle was the first. YHC really hoped that a “solo workout” (AKA fartsack repeato 2x) would be the grueling order of the day, but DK kept YHC honest rolling in 90 seconds before the start time. Side note: it’s very weird doing a COP with two people. Side side note: maybe it’s even weirder doing a COT with two. If ever faced with such a COT challenge, YHC suggests going right arms to opposing right shoulders. Very un-awkward and quite dude-ly, so thanks for the suggestion, DK!

As far as the workout itself? The F3RVA PAX missed probably one of the most amazing workouts ever!

On the way to Four Corners, DK smelled smoke and heard cries for help from Riverton. The PAX rolled over into the subdivision and quickly and efficiently removed all pets and children from the burning building before heading to start our 10 merkins. No big deal.

THEN over on the basketball courts, the PAX of two was troubled not having a third partner for the triple-check. All of a sudden, the Ghost of George Washington (who once surveyed these lands for a canal in his formative years by the way) appeared from the mists of the nearest woods and said “hey bros, you dudes need a third?” YHC must say, you should have seen him do those BTTWs, YHC never knew this from his 7th grade history text book — but let YHC tell you G-Dub (he told the PAX to call him that) is YOKED.

YHC wishes that was the last amazing story, but it’s actually not! During the Bearway to Elevens an actual ursus americanus started growling at the PAX (and no, Saab not the other kind of ursus americanus you and Bleeder and TYA beat off with sticks … ). G-Dub said “AW HELL NAW!” and floated over and slayed that beast with his bare (ghost) hands.  Wow.

G-Dub had some words of inspiration during the COT. During announcements he reminded us to “avoid foreign entanglements” and to always “only use form on an individual exercise approved by those righteous dudes Toga and Conspiracy” to get totally shredded.

Now that was a life-changing morning! YHC has never seen anything like this workout! If only more people were here to dispute these tales …

Going Viral!


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  1. But this was actually nothing like the greatest beatdown ever this was just a Tribute…. I know the feeling Viral. Way to bring it.

  2. This is the best! Backblast of the year award…

    Way to go Viral and DK – the fartsack captured me this time.

  3. Way to carry the SOJ. G-Dub’s ghost should have been proud to join the likes of you two beasts. I am sure the small pets and children are grateful to their F3 saviors, just another day in the SOJ.

  4. Looks like there’s a great crew SOJ. I hail from SOJ and am planning to jump into the workouts next week after checking out RAMM and WDOG this week

  5. FWIW, I will be doing some downrange scouting of the PAX in Myrtle Beach next week. See you all in a week!

  6. Awesome. Did G-dub say anything about cherry trees? Sorry I couldn’t make it this morning after misleading you that I *might* be there. I’ll make it up to you by joining you at the beach next week. Which beach was that again?

    I 2nd a BB of the week/year nomination!

  7. Glad to have you as part of the PAX, Valet! Looking forward to doing a workout together