Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

River Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run………


Five strong mosey into the gloom for what was intended to be a rather simple loop.

The Thang

The traditional route through Tarrington with the 5 milers making the loop and 4 milers proceeding immediately up “pain in the Ashwell hill”.  Turn left on Robious and right on Ellesmere.  Follow to Brigstock and turn RIGHT.  Left onto Twin Team and back to Bettie Weaver.


With the SOJ crew spread across the AO’s YHC was not expecting a large turnout today on the home turf. YHC was pleasantly surprised however to see Phonics and Lab Rat at the AO.   After learning the mighty warriors from the east made the journey SOJ in one day YHC knew they were ready for a River Run beatdown.  Honeymoon opted to take the lead for the 5 mile crew and off they went at 5:31.  Now YHC ran/jogged/generally moseyed along the 4 mile route with the goal of returning to the AO before my F3 brothers could arrive.  This was truly a race no one knew they were in other than YHC.  Feeling elated after returning to Bettie Weaver without being caught by the PAX I mosey back up Twin Team to meet the crew.  But they are not there?  I wait, and wait, and wait……  feeling concerned about the guys YHC text Wilson to get Honeymoon’s number.  I call …. no response.  YHC hops in the car and goes on the hunt, but to no avail.  At 7 a.m. Honeymoon and I catch up and he is driving to pick up the remaining PAX and return all to the AO.   #1 Happy to report everyone was ok.  #2 In 90 minutes the 5 mile crew covered between 8 and 9 miles.  #3 Was it an accident, or was it an epic SOJ RiverRun BEATDOWN!?!?!?




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  1. I think you missed a perfect opportunity to post a Duran Duran video. Glad everyone was found.

  2. The New market Clowncar was getting concerned on the trip back from Batteau. We almost re-directed to help in the search, but once we heard Sparky had not returned with Honeymoon we knew he was safe. We even said Labrat likely talked so much they got distracted and lost their way! Glad all is safe and my bet is they got lost……….damn cul de sacks!

  3. Glad everyone made it back safely, Epic Beatdown Lugnut. Those roads, like those at SpiderRun, require a little local knowledge to keep from getting lost. Sorry none of the locals were there to help direct traffic.

  4. SOJ takeover, RVA record: Longest workout ever on a Monday , (that’s not a Holiday!)
    Lab Rat, your BRE training went to a whole new level! Tomorrow you should go ahead and run 15 miles!

  5. The only other time I posted at River Run we did track repeats and then ran some around the park. I was hopeful today we would be able to check out the neighborhoods while while working off 5 or 6 miles of the 100 mile monthly challenge. (I was behind on my miles.) I must say after 9 miles, at least 15 deer, about 50 sheep, and seeing the “leave Powhatan, enter Chesterfield” sign, I definitely saw much of the surrounding area and have caught up on my miles. A 90 minute run also helped justify the 60 minute round trip ride to Bettie Weaver. At about 6:30, I ran into another runner while looking for Labrat who gave me directions back to Bettie Weaver. He basically told me that we should have taken a right instead of a left and went 2.5 miles in the wrong direction.

    Really did enjoy running with Honeymoon, Sparky, and Labrat this morning. I kept wondering what Lugnut thought happened to us. By his reaction when Honeymoon brought Labrat and me back to the AO in his truck, he seemed elated that we survived.

  6. Much respect to the Lost Boys of River Run… and this is exactly why I don’t post for runs… I would have needed an ambulance and a wheelchair to get back… I think F3 should invest in GPS or at the very least a freakin compass. If your crossing a bridge over a large River you have gone to far. Way to work fellas

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Hilarious …. Been there done that 🙂
    Way to push it guys.
    See y’all in the gloom..