Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hill Repeats on the Trails


Four solid hit the trails this morning at the new time.  Three were ready to roll and one was lollygagging about at the designated go-time, until lollygagger told us to leave.  OK, here we go. Designated route was Buttermilk to Forest Hill loop and back, but Offshore was ready to go and wanted to get in some hill repeats as well, so we ran a little extra.  All said and done, we got in 8.5 miles by Lab Rat’s watch.  ShakeDown must have a Wilson watch, because he had considerably farther.

the quick moleskin is this:

-Bleeder is lean, mean, and off vacation.  He continues to put in miles at Bleeder’s pace.  Respect.

-Offshore seems to be back and putting his plantar pains to bed.  He may still be dealing with it, but it showed no signs this morning.  He was man on fire and definitely the motivator in the trio that ran together.

-Lab Rat’s first time running with ShakeDown.  Very interesting cat with a great life story.  YHC truly enjoyed the conversation.

-2nd F with TYA, who is under the weather, and Saab who is days away from running.  Bleeder and YHC came after the run and Lab Rat got to hear Saab and Bleeder swap knee related war stories.  Also, a good rundown on what’s good (and unwatchable) on Netflix.  Apparently, Saab’s mom is NOT named Siskel or Ebert.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Ha! Glad I could answer as well as I could. Good run, and I recognize the GPS watches superiority for logging miles.

    Great run fellas – I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be back out there Sunday after next. Hopefully I will remain vertical the whole time ?

  2. Nice job on the trails fellas. I knew I liked Shakedown! Good choice in mile tracking device.

  3. Great work on the trails guys. The visit to ET’s was the next best thing, and it truly made my day.

    I still can’t stop thinking about that poor swine…

    Saab abides (when able)