Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Beginning and an End


5 manly men woke up and came down to the gloom to treat on some companionship and conditioning. They left a hour late better off while the YHC rang THE cow bell as he left the parking lot.

Mosey through the parking lot and did a dash of “Parking Lot Tracers” as we progressed to the COP location:


  •  X20 SSHs
  •  X15 Imperial Walkers
  •  X20 LBCs
  •  X15 Smurf Jacks
  •  X10/X5/X10/X5 Arm Circles

Mosey to the “Poles”

Off to the Light Pole we go!
Each PAX member on their 6s grabs a pole and holds their ankles six inches off the ground with legs straight – And hold. First PAX member does 5 Heals to Heaven then runs to end of line and grabs a pole. 2nd PAX member then does 5 Heals to Heaven… Progress till a PAX member reaches large light pole half way down the field.

Light Pole Catch up.
Mosey to street. PAX runs to the next light pole. 1st PAX member to the light pole picks exercise. Everyone does said exercise till the 6 reaches the light pole. Then PAX does 5 more of said exercise.

  1. Abacus – – Merkins
  2. Phonics – – Burmpies
  3. Abacus – – Windshield wipers
  4. ByProduct – – Alabama Prom Dates
  5. Phonics – – Freddie Mercuries
  6. Abacus – – Hand release Merkins
  7. Phonics – – WWII situps
  8. Abacus – – Smurf Jacks

Meg’s Hills of 11s
Proceed down the path to Meg’s Hill
11s – – Mountain Climbers / Werkins

Mosey back go the flag


Today was truly a day it was 70 and sunny with not an ounce of humidity in the air. Oh how glorious is our Creator! With no idea (not the F3er No Idea – but literally having not a clue) of how many will show up, YHC was happy to see 3 gathered as he pulled into the parking lot and an additional PAX member join in time for some fun.

Parking lot tracers were consumed as it is great memory of Lab Rat for the YHC. The COP location was picked as YHC hopes that one day a strength and conditioning room will rest there. But those are dreams someone else will need to make happen. As the COP was concluding there was a great rumble as Spike ran by at a blistering pace and encouraged the PAX to a great day.

Conditioning was gained as each PAX member pushed it and worked hard throughout the hour. Given the extra time, and the late start, it was decided by the YHC that 11s were possible on Meg’s hill. It is good to use that hill as it is a good one. MudFace did let the PAX know there is another hill down a dark trail that we should venture to at a future time. Oh the options Atlee offers us to torture ourselves…

The name of the A/O was discussed and it was agreed that Heaven’s Gate will be the name of this A/O. I trust that many of you will take advantage of this A/O over the years to come. Au Revoir!




  1. Great Job Abacus!! Have a safe trip down to Charlotte! Awesome to see Care showed up yesterday!

  2. Thanks for the nod. Truth be told, tracers are one of several things I stole from Rosie and made my own.

    Best of luck in Bank-Town!