Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Partner Up


A team of 8 hit WDOG this morning and here is how we rolled..

COP: SSH’s, Windmills, Helicopters, IW’s, Copper Head Squats, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, APD’s

Dips on the wall :  Partner up – 5 sets of 10 dips on the wall while partner holds feet.

Rusty Cage : Partner up – 5 pull ups 5 overhead press with sandbag 5 sets   – 5 jerkins – 5 overhead press with sandbag .

Partner leg toss :  3 sets of 20

Hardywood Special ” Partner up – bear crawl to the middle – 5 BoYah merkins crawl bear back – pax in plank

Plerkins : 3 sets of 10 partner up feet on back of partner who is in elbow plank 10 derkins

Indian Run – back to the flag

Mary : Cross leg lifts, Freddy Mercury’s 6 inches

The Story: YHC arrived to the AO with the temperature gauge reading 70 and thought man we have had some great weather for workouts these last few days… YHC was glad to see some folks roll in this morning. We had a small crowd for WDOG but that did not deter us from showing the rather large Seal Team group what we are made of. Nope Nope Nope – there was no fight or competition (unfortunately) but Oyster was ready – atta baby Oyster – points for your file buddy.. Oyster was leading the way on a Indian Run Mossy and the Seal team was coming right for us – instead of moving Oyster stayed strong lowered his stance and plowed right through them – YHC had flash backs of his coaches screaming follow your block Hardy!!! YHC lowered his shoulders and center of gravity grabbed the back of Oysters shirt  and split that whole through the Seal defense – freaken awesome….

Bootleg gets the lion heart award for the day – that dude was pushing – giving it everything he had this morning – very well done dude! Sippy Cup is back – just in case you all were wondering – dude is a beast! Flipper crushed today’s upper body beatdown as one would expect – atta baby Flipdog!

Don’t know if any of you have ever partnered up with TYA during a partner leg toss but holy sh%5$3t!!! That dude will take your legs/feet whatever the hell he can grab or push and freaken destroy you – it brings partner leg toss which is a good ab workout to a whole new level… Well done TYA – my abs are aching..

Shout out to Depends and Dexter – way to bring it today guys – keep up the good work.

Announcements : Wed Hill run tonight 5:30, OBT in town tomorrow night 6PM The Veil, Lot’s of stuff happening in Sept- BRR, Reese Strong, Crab Picking, Convergence. 100 miles is the challenge in August – sign up and go get it !

Flipper took us out with some thoughtful and encouraging words !

A pleasure to lead this morning guys – See y’all in the gloom…


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  1. Always thought that Oyster sprint would serve as one hell of a wedge buster! Nice work men.