Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Morning Festivities


6 happy party goers arrived to celebrate Chewy’s V-Q on his birthday. Here is how the party went down

COP all IC

  • SSH x 26
  • Helicopters x 13
  • Imperial Walkers x 13
  • LBC x 13
  • Arm Circles x 13 small 6.5 big reverso

Triple Check x 3 rounds

  • Goblet Squats x 26
  • Boat/Canoe
  • Hell-BC – begin burpee, after merkin roll to your six and perform 5 LBCs, roll back over to another merkin and   finish the burpee

break into groups of three with one PAX member on each exercise. Once 26 squats are done, rotate to next exercise

Four Corners

26 Clean and Press each arm

lunge to next corner

run a lap

13 Lawnmowers each arm

Death Crawl to next corner

run a lap

Halos 13 each direction

Backward lunge to next corner

run a lap

13 swings each arm

Ring of Fire

Round 1

PAX hold Boat, one at a time each PAX member holds Canoe for 13 seconds and passes to next in line

Round 2

PAX holds Al Gore with kettlebell, each PAX member completes 13 kettle bell presses and pass to next in line




  • First Thursdays in DaVille this Thursday at 6pm. Ultimate Frisbee then head over to Marty’s (9357 Atlee Rd, Mechanicsville, VA 23116)  for drinks. M’s and 2.0’s welcome to join
  • Reesestrong registration is now open and Phonics has created the F3RVA team: https://runsignup.com/RaceGroups/4045/Groups/386047
  • Sunday August 5th is the dry run of the Bootcamp on Sunday’s – To Be Named on the 5th.  It will be at 7am and end at 8am at Atlee HS. Invite, EH, attend, make it happen. We all know a few who say – “It’s too early” or “I can’t do anything during the week.” Time to go back to them and EH them some more.

Chewy took us out


The normal sleepless night before a virgin Q seemed to hit Chewy last night, as YHC found out this morning when he was woken up by a fully dressed and wide awake 13 year old. The nervousness lasted on the trip to the AO with questions, reassurances, and discussions about servant leaders. All nervousness dissipated as soon as the flag was planted and the first “Let’s Mosey” was spoken.

Chewy hit the cadence to the point that he was comfortable increasing it during the Smurf Jacks. He had some questions on the 6.5 arm circles, but after a round of “you’re the Q” it was picked back up like there was no pause.

Triple check was interrupted by the 4th F, to which a reply of “I see you, and Ill raise you one” brought on some mumble chatter as to whether the raise would require a change of pants. YHC was a little concerned when Chewy announced that the first group done would get a prize, as he knows Chewy and the way he thinks. The prize was for the winning group to do 5 extra Hell-BCs while the other group did Boat/Canoe until they were done.

Four corners apparently got spirits high as some of the PAX decided that it was a good idea to slap YHC on his six while he was doing death crawls. YHC can remember it happening seven times, so someone took more than one turn at it. Next time a simple get your butt down will work fine. YHC can see why people would want to do this, but explaining to his M why he has a hand print on his six could have gotten awkward.

Saw the ChainRing crew as we were finishing up, but we could not wave at the time as we were all holding kettle bells in AL Gore at the time. Its good to see a Da’Ville AO ride past another Da’Ville AO.

YHC could not be prouder of Chewy this morning. He was there to help, but Chewy gave every indication that he would have been fine without him. YHC may be biased, but this was the greatest V-Q ever done. After the COT there must have been some dirt or grass clippings that got in his eye.

It was good to see E.F. Hutton make the trip this morning, hope to see him in Da’Ville again.

Thanks for letting Chewy (us) lead






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  1. Awesome VQ Chewy and great BB MudFace!! So glad I got out of my fart sack this morning.

    Thanks EF for visiting us today. Look forward to see you at other AO’s this month!!

    Strong showing at both DaVille AO’s today!!

  2. Chewy – Fantastic VQ! What an admirable way to ring in the teenage years. I guarantee 99% of other 13-year-olds were snoozing lazily while you were counting out cadence to men three times your age. Well done.

    Mud Face – Thanks for hanging with me on the four corners, even if it did put your backside at risk. And just to clarify, we did 26 clean & presses for each arm; I felt every one of them.

  3. Great BB and VQ. I was excited when Sugar Baby’s route took use past MANNdate this morning. With biking and our vacation I’ve missed my F3 brothers. I’ll be at Green Acres tomorrow. Hope to see a lot of you.

  4. Also I would update the QIC to show: Chewy, Mudface

    This way it show up correctly on BigData