Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is this still July?


Six studs posted to Batteau to take advantage of the fall-like temperatures. 60 degrees and sunny, with a cool dew covering the ground made for a great way to close out July.

COP – Invisible Jump Rope, Don Q, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Arm Circles.

Mosey to Tennis Courts. Triple check of Plerkins & run around tennis court. Then partner up for PLTs – 3 sets of 20 each.

Mosey down to the lake- 4 rounds of 20 Box Jumps/Derkins, run up hill to bridge, 3 Burpees.

Head back up hill alternating Lunges & Bear Crawl. Stop for 20 Derkins then back to flag for Mary- LBCS, American Hammers, Heels 2 Heaven. Finish with 10 Burpees.

NMS- The PAX this morning was all business. YHC arrived with Hardywood and Swirly having secured the AO. With 3 min to start and only us 3 there YHC knew we’d have to get after it to challenge this pax, especially when Sippy Cup came in. We knew it was on when Flipper arrived ON TIME with 1 minute to spare, and BT to make it an even 6.

The Plerkins were a great way to start. YHC learned that a planking BT can pass for a bench in a pinch. Dude was like a doing Derkins on a bench. Also in a pinch if you ever need a 160 BPM Metronome for some reason but don’t have one handy you can grab Swirly and start him on some PLTs.

The cold dew felt great when on the ground. Hardywood must have enjoyed it more rocking his signature Jerusalem Cruisers.

Mumblechatter was on Flipper posting in another town again. Apparently RVA brings it like no other, no taking the pedal off the gas this morning.

Sippy Cup crushed the hills, he says he isn’t 100% but could fool YHC. The Bear Crawl at the end was purely to boost YHC’S morale. A Flipper -Honeydo bear crawl combo in a ghost flag relay would be similar to the  2017 Golden State Warriors, just sayin.

Announcements – August challenge is 100 Miles, just in time for BRR!   Hardywood knows a guy if you are doing a breakfast meeting in the next few weeks. Also prayers for White Deer in his father’s passing last week.

Silent Assassin signing off.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    HoneyDo/Silent Assassin – man that was a Monday morning beatdown right there baby! Well done guys – way to push.. Way to represent down in Carolina Flipper – I would expect nothing less my man !
    Thoughts/Prayers are with you at this time White Deer.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. The silent assassin brought a very FNG unfriendly Q this morning. There is a reason why when F3 Richmond travels we travel like ballers i.e. “We show the bitch” (Hardywood)… and it’s because we hold each other to a standard of excellence and we push each other. I had the privilege today of getting my a$& kicked in the beauty of a cool late July morning with 5 of the baddest dudes on the planet. If you guys are ever down in the triangle (NC) hookup with @F3Carpex (Cary/Apex) Really awesome guys/ great turn out/ can’t say enough about em

  3. Aye Flipper, 6 is a perfect number for a small pax for a Q. All were ready to get after it this am.

  4. Dang it!!! The snooze button robbed me of a Honey-Do beat down this morning. Way to work fella’s, see you in the gloom.

  5. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    I was draggin ass so bad around 2:30 this afternoon that I thought I would have to pull a Costanza at work. Those hill runs were endless! Well done, HoneyDo. There was definitely some iron sharpening iron today. And always love seeing Sippy crush some hills. Great job, fellas.

  6. Great Q Honeydo! The hill work kept us all honest. And excellent break down of the work we do Flipper!