Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

WTF! Call 911!


19 strong gathered for a Dogpile workout Swirly style this morning and here is how it went down…

Indian Run Mossy to the Carillon – COP ” Helicopters, Windmills, IW’s, Arm Circles, LBC’s Flutter Kicks

Indian Run to the Rusty Cage : Partner up and grab a sandbag. 5 pull up’s – 5 overhead press with sand bag – 5 sets – 5 jerkins – 5 overhead press with sandbags – 5 sets.

Indian Run to the Theatre : 5 dips on each step working our way down 18 steps. Back up 5 incline merkins each step 18 steps.

Indian Run to the second circle : Curb Crawl 1-5 bear crawl merkin crawl bear merkin.

Burpee shuffle with a twist : 2 pax begin at same time – 5 burpees – pass to the person to their left – around the circle while pax runs in place.

Hardywood Special : partner up bear crawl to the middle of the circle – 5 booYah merkins – crawl bear back – all the way around circle – while pax does invisible jump rope.

Spits – Ghost Flag Challenge Beast : 3 teams – Daville – SOJ – West Enders : Beast across the full Carillon field – Burpees – Merkins – Seal Jacks – American Hammers – WW11’s – SSH’s

Indian Run Mossy back to the flag!

And here’s the story : YHC pulled up the Dpile @ 5 as it was raining pretty good thinking this is gonna be a wet one  today… The rain however pretty much stayed away as soon as  the pax arrived. Nice little curve ball to start out with the Indian run mossy had some heads turning but we got in the groove… The rusty cage (always a crowd pleaser) mixed with the sandbags made for a good start – great job guys – Sippy Cup was YHC’s partner and he crushed it as usual! The Theatre had a full production about to start kinda vibe going today as we arrived to tackle the steps but no  stage entertainment was to be found do to the weather and or the early hour however there was plenty of entertainment on the steps as the pax bitched and moaned about their arms… Spit crushed the dips – Gumbo and Two can crushed the incline merkins on the way back up! The Burpee shuffle with a twist had the pax hollering and cheering each other on – Halfpipe killed that thing baby I know papa Hardywood was proud! The Hardywood special booYah merkins almost was derailed because Honeydo (YHC”s partner) tried to begin the booYah merkins with his left hand ???? Dude what the hell ??? Anyway he pulled it together and all was well after that 🙂

Please allow YHC to now explain the shift in the Q at the end. Normally you don;t take the Quarterback out at this stage in the game but Spit had sent in a special request to corporate yesterday asking if he could have 10 min of YHC’s Q.. YHC told him he could not promise it but that he would certainly try to make it happen… Those of you that know me know I love to Q – YHC has been known to take a hot potato Q and not share (I apologize for that fella’s – just got excited) 🙂 Anyway although YHC would normally never give any time of his Q up – this special request by Spit had merit – The Ghost Flag was on the line. There was going to be a relay – some competition – and YHC’s is all about some of  tha baby… The pax had no idea YHC was passing the ball to Spit so when that was announced Rosie ran directly over to YHC and said Swirly dude are you ok ??? Jeez I was about to dial 911 – WTF??? Yep Swirly was good a disclaimer was made and the race began. I am happy to report that SOJ was the winner and now retains the ghost flag. Hardywood, HalfPipe, Rosie, Gumbo, Binford – way to go dudes !!! Can’t wait to see who takes the flag next. Great job Spit way to keep this alive man…

As we gathered around the flags at the end of the workout Fuddski noticed that the Ghost Flag was bent. YHC told Fudd that Circle K had already put out a statement regarding the fact that there might have been a few Cold Beers drunk during construction of the flag so it is what it is …….. Also SOJ team had their pic taken with the flag and some how Fuudski – (who is on the west enders team made it in the shot – dude really )??

Announcements were made : Lot’s happening in Sept. BRR (42days) Reese Strong and Crab Picking – 16th Convergence 30th  . Hardywood is working with a group in town that helps folks start businesses – he has a particular person he is working with who is going to be doing breakfast catering – get with Hardywood if you/ your company has interest in helping this person get going by scheduling them for an event or meeting.

EF Hutton took us out with a good prayer to send us all off into the weekend

ET’s as always was great – it was weird to only have 19 @ Dogpile today – lot’s of guys out of town – but the small group made it happen today – well done guys – it was a pleasure to lead this morning.


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  1. My bad on the BooYas Swirly. To be fair my arms were so spent by then I was lucky to get off the ground. Nice beatdown.
    Loved watching Half Pipe knock out those Burpees, awesome stuff.

  2. Sorry about the photo-bomb fellas! I didn’t realize the faux pax until sitting at ET’s.

    Solid Q Swirly. It was great to be in the gloom again among friends.

  3. Great Q Swirly and mixing things up with the Indian runs. Thanks for giving me 10 mins! Great job SOJ Pax winning the relay!

  4. I’m sooo bummed I not only missed a Dog Pile but a Swirly Q! I’ll see you boys in a week.

  5. Man, I am going to have to cut a little off that flag and re-drill! That thing is jacked up. Gotta get a case of coors light next time Circle K is running power tools at the house, he cant handle the high octane stuff!

    Sorry to miss it, but the trip to the beach was a little nicer with the F3RVA podcast boys in my ear for an hour of the trip.

  6. Sorry I missed it. Sounds like a true swirly beatdown. Having one good day at the river before coming home tonight. The rest of the days have been a little moist.

  7. Great Q Swirly, as usual. My arms were spent all day.

    Loved the #ghostflag competition. Tough draw for the DaVille 3 who had to double up – though hitchhiker nicely chipped in to save one guy.

    The #ghostflag will fly Tuesday at NoToll. It will be glorious. Come and get it boys!!