Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Roger Raj-er, What’s our vector, Victor?


Five of the faithful and one eager FNG posted at Circus Maximus with kettlebells in hand. HoneyDo and Johnsonville each came prepared to Q.

HoneyDo clearly had the superior claim, having followed best practices and good F3 protocol by signing up. Jville (YHC) held a weak claim, having announced the prior week that he would Q but failing to actually memorialize that in the official records. Both offered to yield to the other, and YHC somehow ended up at the Q.


Warmup with 10 burpees, merkins, planks shifting into pickle pounders, Alabama prom dates, crab cakes, and arm circles. At some point during the warmup, FNG Raj-er drove up, and YHC paused to bring him into the fold.

8 minute EMOM #1: burpees and standing rows

mosey to basketball court.

8 minute EMOM #2: kb swings and goblet squats

suicide run on basketball court immediately followed by AMRAP lawnmower pulls on right side.

suicide run on basketball court immediately followed by AMRAP lawnmower pulls on left side.

bearcrawl length of court; backward run; karaoke down and back; karaoke other way down and back; bunny hop

LBCs; merkins

We have been meeting on the south side of the school for about a month in light of substantial, seemingly interminable parking lot work. Hopefully, we can return to normal next week.

I appreciate HoneyDo yielding the Q despite his superior claim. I know all regulars are grateful for HoneyDo’s willingness to lead, and we look forward to the diabolical gloom he had planned.

It was good having Raj-er come out. Raj-er is a guy that I met running last week. Without any fear whatsoever, he accepted my headlock and joined our thang. I hope that he comes back and that we get a chance to learn more about him.

Great work, men! Jville


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  1. Happy to have conceded since I arrived without an actual kettlebell. Prayers for White Deer and his family.