Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Spoons needed



14 F3 RVA regulars, 1 F3 New Orleans, and a couple of LIFO’s posted this morning with a unique beatdown for most.


Long Mosey to the Church Field in Windsor Farms for COP
Usual F3 Disclaimer with the addition of “if you think you may Drown, don’t do the exercise”

10X Don Quixote
30X LBC’s

Short Mosey down the street to a friendly neighborhood pool
Instructions on Pool Safety – shoes off
10mins of Triple Check
Dips, Merkins, 2 short laps in the pool

100x World War II sit-ups, the wet kind, feet on the edge of the pool, body in the pool (try not drown)

Game of modified Marco Polo

Mosey back to Field at Mary

Mosey back to the Flag
Ring of fire- 10x Merkins

COT Mary took us out


Although YHC ran to the AO this AM, YHC made the decision not to post an additional Back Blast. The 2 Lifo’s did some version of a four corners drill, and missed the opportunity for drowning.

At One minute to 0530, YHC announced that gloves would not be necessary for the workout, Splinter, in what can be described as a celebratory move, threw his gloves over his shoulder in the general direction of his vehicle; during the first COP, in Plank position, he proclaimed that his hands were now dirty, YHC re-assured him that they would soon be clean.

The Pool Q was something that YHC has been waiting to bring it to the PAX for quite some time; as good fortune would have it, Thursday Q slot was empty earlier in the week, and the weather was mostly cooperative and as good fortune would have it, the Discovery channel’s annual Shark week happened to coincide which helped bring the thought of adding the Jaws theme music to the pool activity. The neighborhood had already been put in code orange Land Shark Alert.

Welcome to Reluctant Yankee from F3 New Orleans, you picked a unique day to come out Brotha!

Pre-workout, Upchuck was giving a thorough description for TYA’s new Wilson inspired running gear. Although his lunch was not agree with him yesterday, the shirt performed as delivered, and TYA did not look like he had swam during his run as he normally does.

Although the fountain was not operational this morning, MARV has put in his request for a corresponding fountain lake to TYA to add to his new backyard. YHC looks forward the Pre-move-in party.

Also, When YHC walked back by the pool this morning post-workout; there was a spoon at the bottom(which can be retrieved at the owner’s leisure) which begs two questions, 1) Did anyone see DK at the workout this morning. & 2) What exactly did one expect to use the spoon for at a workout — next time, YHC will make this announcement, “You will not need gloves nor spoons during the workout.” just to alleviate any confusion.


Upchuck is riding the Capital Trail this Saturday starting at Three Chopt, see him for details

Convergence Sept 30th – Gridiron

A Super Hardywood announced- Egghead RVA – https://www.eggheadrva.com/ is looking to do some test orders of 10 – 15 people for breakfast catering. He’ll be specializing in easy to eat and clean up foods. He’s starting with sandwiches and quiches. If you’d like to reach out to Nate directly, you can reach him at eggheadrva@gmail.com

Skinny Bitch Bleeder out


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Bleeder – excellent Q and BB you skinny bitch !
    I know you have been planning and looking forward to this Q for a while.
    I have never felt so refreshed after a workout – and am amazed that Cottonmouth took off his vest 2 weeks in a row – I figured he would wear it as a life vest this morning….
    Can’t wait to see who brings the fun next week @ Mary 🙂
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Great Q Bleeder. Way to show us the Windsor water grotto. Good luck finding the origins of the spoon.

    I’m not sure what eleviate is, but I do know that I like that you alleviated the pain of using spell check today.

    Be super.

  3. Looks like fun. Good job running to the AO! Wilson supports ANY decision you make. Maybe this workout will return soon. Not a good week to have cloth seats…..

  4. I almost forgot to not drown during the WW2s and I definitely forgot to bring a towel this morning. Not a mistake I will make again. Great fun this morning Bleeder – thanks.

  5. Damn sorry I missed this one. Guess its time to add the Speedo to the list of workout gear to throw in the back of the car with the gloves, towel and headlight.

  6. I was highly disappointed that I was sans gloves and my hands got dirty today. At least I was able to wash them off in the pool.

    I won’t lie. It felt a little like Beverly Hills Cop today and that we were crashing a house of someone on vacation. I sure hope that was Bleeders house.

  7. Excellent Q and a fun time Bleeder. Next time I will bring my F3 swimmies and a Baby Ruth to clear the pool Caddyshack style.

    Maybe the Spider Run will present an opportunity to go amphibious….

  8. Maybe never been more pissed to over sleep…however would have been more pissed to get started at 5:33 and miss the epic splashdown. Expect more shirtless beatdowns from Bleeder..and glad to see skinny bitch get some traction…I am also wondering what did Hardywood “The Ladies Man” do that the entire Pax skipped the sink and went full body immersion in the pool.. Really upset I missed this one.

  9. Wow! So sorry to have missed this! The closest we get to being submerged here in Seattle is doing lunge walking on a floating dock. No casualties yet. Great job Bleeder!

  10. Next time, I will only leave the vest on! Great Q Bleeder! Loved the motivational theme music; already downloaded it for my kids this week at Hilton Head.