Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A reunion of sorts


Two pax joined the Q this morning, one returning from vacation and one suffering from not enough Lab Rat in his life in general.  Both pax were on board with making this morning a run, so off we went.

Route:  Meander along the road back to the water treatment plant(?) until it got light enough to see in the woods, along the back of the field, then on to the trails.  Return to the back of the field, then cut across the soccer fields to home base.  All in 5.3 miles by the Q’s watch.

NMS:  With the Q in full on panic mode regarding the BRR, he was looking to AT LEAST have a heavy run boot camp this morning.  Honestly, he was secretly hoping that nobody would show so that he could get in a run guilt free.  Even better was to have two friends show up that had a similar hope for the morning!  Scully and YHC go way back to fat Lab Rat days when we played softball together.  Scully is a Clemson grad, and most of the pax knows that Lab Rat is a Gamecock…so we naturally hit it off straight away.  Adding to the mix is Spit returning from a vacation and being out of the loop for a week, and there was much catching up to be done.  It was a great run with 2 good friends….what more can a boy ask for?


Lab Rat apologizes.


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  1. Great route this morning LabRat. I wish I was on vacation but I was down in VA Beach for the last couple days meeting with clients.

    Glad I climbed out of my fart sack this morning!

  2. Whatever the reason, it was good to catch up. Twitter a pic of that Ghostflag in the a.m.