Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Power Tools not Raccoons


16 stalwarts and 1 FNG arrived at WDog for a beatdown YHC was hoping was as good as Flipper’s greatest beatdown ever or at least as good as the tribute.  Swirly described some strange animal noises coming from near the amphitheater and suggested we stay away from there, noted.

Mosey to the traffic circle for some SSH, DQ, Arm Circles, Copperhead Merkins, LBC

Mosey to the Rusty Cage – 3 dead hang pull-ups (arms fully extended) run to fire hydrant for 10 Bobby Hurleys  Repeato x 5

Partner up and grab 1 Sandbag per group.  Mosey back to the fire hydrant for a brief Lazy Dora.  P1 does 10 squats with sandbag, P2 Al Gore, switch up to 60 total, P1 10 Overhead press P2 plank up to 60 total, P1 WWII w/ sandbag P2 hold 6”  Plankarama waiting for those that needed to retie their bag.  Catch me if you can back to the sandbag pile – P1 run with sandbag P2 3 burpees and run to catch up.

Mosey to the Carillon for an abbreviated “Assault on the Carillon” 5 burpees, run to up the stairs 10 derkins, 10 donkey kicks repeato until Q calls time

Mosey back, past the circle where there was a nice ring of cones another workout group had left, to a spot of some well manicured grass that could have been used for a putting contest but for us Mary.  Start with the YHC favorite Crunchy Frog, then 1-leg Alabama Prom Dates, Freddie Mercuries, and American Hammers.

Back to the flag where YHC took us out. 


Welcome FNG Rounders, named before we were able to hear much about who he is or where he is from.  Hopefully you’ll be back soon.  Great to see Depends back out too in his 5 week work trip to Richmond.

Swirly and TYA heard some strange noises when they arrived early to secure the AO.  Thinking it may have been someone trapping or torturing a raccoon or other animal they advised keeping our distance.  As we approached the circle and amphitheater we realized it was only someone setting up the stage.  Maybe TYA needs to spend more time on his job sites to familiarize himself with the sound of power tools.

The dead hang pullups and Bobby Hurleys are YHC’s subtle way of attempting to get the PAX to work on form, preparing for Toga’s absence.  Extend those arms and get that squat low to touch the ground.  Also, it’s never to early to work on the jumper to prepare for a March Madness Q.  Glad to have Gumbo back in the mix working out all the gumbo and beignets consumed on his round trip to Louisiana.  While the sandbags are there and intact we might as well use them, thanks Lockjaw.  As Viral can attest, just make sure they are tied up well first. 

As I said in the COT, I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this group.  A little like the quote “you don’t know what  you’ve got until it’s gone”  with F3 you don’t know what you were missing until you have it.  F3 has helped push me to be better physically, mentally, emotionally and as a leader and for that I am thankful.

If you are a podcast listener, which many of you are now, I suggest you check out Art of Manliness.  They just released a podcast with OBT and Dredd on F3.  YHC has not been able to listen to it yet but I expect it will reinforce what we already know and reinvigorate everyone to give away this gift we have been given.

Everything is coming up Rosie.


  • Happy BIrthday Grunt, M Swirly and Kevin Spacey
  • SOJ takeover week August 7-13
  • Reese Strong 9/16
  • F3RVA 3 year anniversary convergence Sept. 30 – more information to follow.
  • Sunday Run is moving to 6:15 am until after the BRR

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  1. Great work today men. It was a pleasure to start my day with F3. Looks like I might need to change my avatar to a Cavs jersey now.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Happy Birthday Rosie ! Great Q buddy..
    Way to work today fella’s!
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. Happy birthday Rosie (love the new signoff by the way!) and thanks for the great beatdown this morning. I think it officially cleansed me of any remaining Gumbo or powdered sugar from the beignets…

  4. There is a lot to unpack here, but I’ll go with two things:

    -Happy Birthday, handsome!

    -Which Sunday run is moved to 6:15?!?

  5. **If your sandbag leaks for more than four hours, be sure to check with your doctor.**

    Welcome Rounders!

  6. Great beatdown! Happy Birthday Rosie… The TYA blast was awesome…That’s a Power saw, that’s a drill…I’ll make flash cards for you TYA. Will let Marv test you on them. Rosie it may have not been the Greatest Beatdown in the history of the world, but at least you had some numbers to see it, and a very close second. Way to work Bleeder I got you for partner carries next you skinny bitch.

  7. “you skinny bitch”

    I want this quoted so he cant go back and edit later. lolz

  8. Great Q Rosie and happy birthday brotha. Also Flipper has some strategies for what to do if you hear something dirty. Please see him for suggestions and keep him away from your sink.

    Be super.

  9. Thanks, I went to the creek last Friday. Was good. Hope to get back down with ya’ll soon.