Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Suicide Potato



15 hard chargers took on NoToll for a little sunny and 70 hot potato.  YHC planted a flag and took the lead.


Mosey to the back parking lot for a warm up with SSH, Hillbillies, Merkins and Copperhead squats.  The PAX was warned to be prepared for the hot potato.

A sketchy presence, more on that later, led us back to the basketball courts for some partner suicides.  Round 1 – Suicide/Crunchy frogs, Round 2 – Backwards/CDD, Round 3 – Shuffle/Lunges

Oyster Q – Triple Check at the bathroom building

Partner 1 runs to the gate (audible to speed bump unless you are an overachiever like Wilson and DK), Partner 2 – People’s chair, Partner 3 – merkins

Pass the Q to DK – Curbless crawls up to 5 – switch gears for LBC, X and O and Freddie Mercuries – Curbless crawls 5 back down to 1  Pole smokersX25

Flatline takes the Q back to the basketball courts for Doracides

Alternate forward and backward suicides while partner does 100 merkins, 200 squats and 300 single count Freddie Mercuries

COT and Wilson took us out with one of the more “realistic” and dark close outs YHC has heard.


YHC checked the Q sheet yesterday, saw the opening and made a decision to leave it for someone else take it or if not, run with the Hot Potato.  It’s always good to get a hot potato in every once in awhile to get some new people introduced to running part of a workout.  YHC has been hoping for an Oyster Q so when the opportunity arose to pass it along it was his.  As expected, he crushed it, even with an audible called with confidence, sometimes a change is needed.  That gate seems much closer on the initial mosey. 

During the COP Wilson and McRib mentioned that there were a couple people hanging out in a car smoking while we all parked and headed out.  Concerned that all of the keys were sitting on various tires they suggested we roll back closer to the parking area to deter any possible shady activities.  I am sure they appreciated the disruption of their peace and quiet with our grunts and mumblechatter.   Lots of suicides today to stay closer to the cars.   Mr. Roper is quickly developing a reputation for talking while running that could rival some of the other F3RVA PAX that are well known for that skill(?).  

Good to meet Sugar Sock, the name, as a window into Hardywood’s mind, is a legend already.  No we will not post a history of how all F3 names came about.  Part of the experience is figuring that out yourself, either at a 2nd F event or now, listening to the podcast.

There seemed to be some confusion on when and where the Ghost Flag was going to show up next, I suggest you to read the rules of the Ghost Flag in the backblast or discuss it during office hours.  http://f3rva.org/2017/07/20/ghost-flag/


  • SOJ takeover week August 7-13
  • Reese Strong 9/16
  • F3RVA 3 year anniversary convergence Sept. 30 – more information to follow.
  • Sunday Run is moving to 6:15 am until after the BRR

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  1. Good Q by all. If we don’t do another Merkin for a while, its good with me. Is it bad that #bigdata is checked even before the back blast is read? LOL Great work men & I bet the hoodlums in the car saw this group of men and made the right choice to stay in their car. On a different note, if they had decided to do something stupid, I bet the fight lists might need to be updated……….thankfully we will never know.

  2. Well done Rosie – way to grab that open Q. Great job by Oyster, DK and Flatline as well. And, I’m with Wilson, I got my merkin fill for the week today.

    Great to be back in the gloom. See you boys tomorrow!

  3. Mad points would have been given if someone could have head locked one of those guys.

  4. I have been laying low for a week due to some recurring back issues (no F3, no gym) but I was glad to get back out there with you guys this morning. Great way to start the day as always. If my back doesn’t revolt and I make it back from the swim team end of year trip to Water Country, I’m gonna try to make WDog and Rollercoaster tomorrow. We shall see.