Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

American Donkey


9 brave and fearless dudes conquered the temptation to take it easy and landed at Atlee for a beatdown.

Mosey to Wall for Merkin Donkeys
2x each (merkins then donkey kicks), progressing by 2’s up to 10 each, then
AMRAP for about 45 seconds each exercise

Progressive COP — mosey and circle up 4 different times on the way to the hill at the back of Atlee
1st stop — Heels to Heaven
2nd — Rollups
3rd —  Ankle Reaches
4th — Flutter kicks

Finish moseying to the hill.
11’s — striders up the hill, run down, WW2 situps at top, burpees at bottom (modified to merkins half way through)

Mosey back to suicide courts, on the way circle up and complete several exercises waiting for the 6.

Suicide relay —
1) regular with the rest of the team planking
2) reverse with the rest of the team doing SSH while waiting

Mosey back to flag

Time for jump squats and Freddie Mercuries before the
Numberama and Name-o-rama

It was actually not too bad of a morning to try out the American Donkey exercise, loosely based on the Guess Who song from 1970 “American Woman”.  Said song was later covered by Lenny Kravitz, but that version sucked, IMHO.
There was a Carpenter showing this morning.  It was the first showing since he and his family cruised across the US in their mini-van.  Carpenter and 5 females in the same van for 5 weeks.  Holy (fill in the blank with whatever word comes to mind)!  He really needed some F3 time this morning!  YHC was glad to see him back and that he was keeping up with everyone pretty well despite his long absence.
Sad to hear that Abacus will be leaving us soon, geographically at least.  He was the one who came up with my name and has been an inspiration to me to keep on keepin on!   Friday is his last Q at the Creek — would be awesome to have a record amount of people there Friday!!

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  1. Wow a good looking beatdown Opus!! Sorry to have missed this morning!

    Glad to see The Carpenter back as well!

  2. Opus, I love how you get right down to it when you Q. It seems like each time I feel smoked before the opening COP, but you and the PAX always get me thru. These workout themes, twists, and surprises make F3 boot camps great.