Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sweaty Sunday


3 Regulars posted for a Sunday run.  Weather was 70 and sunny, beautiful day for a run.

The Thang:

North to south.  Over the T. Pottersfield bridge.


Started the day a little bit early today at 6:30.  Not sure if anyone else posted at 7, but I did not see any F3 stickers on the cars and didn’t see any Pax on the trail.  Given the likely weather for the next month, I am going to make the call and move the Sunday run to 6:15 until after the BRR.

It was sticky out there today. YHC went through 2 full camelbacks full of water.  Thats 120 ounces of water in 7 miles.  Seems excessive, but I was not over hydrated afterwards.  YHC also started a new trend with the Sunday runners.  I started shirtless with a camelback and by the end of the run all of the other PAX members joined in.  Not a pretty sight, but a lot cooler.



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  1. Sunday, sweaty Sunday.

    No shirt is definitely the new black, or in our cases, the still white.

    If anyone has advice on washing a camelback (the cloth portion of the camelback), please post. Asking for a friend.