Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

River Run after the storm (BRR)


6 total for a stroll in the dark after a night of big storms.

5:30am we took off as normal to do a little BRR hill repeat work as we all know BRR is in the mountains!

Ran about 1.6miles to the magic spot to start the hill repeats where some got 2 or 3 rounds in before picking their path back to the AO.  We might have loss the “6” but thanks to Bleeder and “Fine my Phone” we quickly all arrived back safe.

COT, Name-a-rama, Number-rama

Good work by all and keep pushing so we will all be ready for BRR.  Great to see Bleeder and 2.0 along with having Lug back at it as always.  Wilson good to see as always, steady solid running while data collecting for big data.  Rosie you are fast and really fast at hills!


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