Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

When a triple check goes bad


18 strong, with 1 FNG and one relocated pax, came out to WDOG on a relatively cooler morning. Here is what went down:

COP – SSH, Merkins, Heels to heaven, Don Qs (or ridiculously slow Don Qs if you’re Viral), Russian Soldiers.

Partner up for Shoulder Presses:  20 Shoulder Presses then Wheelbarrow to center of circle, switch and Repeato.

Mosey down to bottom of Rugby for Triple Check to break in newly laid asphalt. Run, WWII situps, and Carolina Dry Docks.

Run down PumpHouse, stopping for 5 burpees each light until bottom of Love Hill. Head up Love Hill alternating Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, and run. Gather up at top for 25 Merkins then head back to flag. 3 min of Mary then 20 Merkins.

NMS- Things are as they should be- YHC saw Sippy Cup running to the AO in the Gloom. After the COP the Shoulder Press sets to start were not pretty. YHC admits his explanation was poorly done, YHC went to demo a shoulder press and instead we just got started. The PAX did figure it out eventually, except for BT & Viral. YHC had no idea what you 2 were doing but whatever it was, it is not legal in at least 15 states.

After that failure of YHC, it was followed up with another by calling for maybe the longest triple check ever. All were pleased when the audible to 2 rounds was called. Lots of good mumblechatter though from the PAX while on the ground waiting for the runners to return. Apparently WoJo had never done CDDs, which is ironic given his name. Plus we got to introduce WoJo to Bobo along the way down PumpHouse.

The crab/Duck/run combo up the hill was a blast and afterwards Flipper’s mind was racing with ideas about taking on Love Hill without running at all. Pax you’ve been warned.

Glad to have Circle K in the pax and get to pray with him in the COT. YHC will be at the visitation tonight and I know many pax will as well. TAP brother. Also Welcome Dexter!

Silent Assassin signing off.







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  1. Forgot the 10 Burpees we did in the other circle on the way down Rugby, can’t leave those out.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Honeydo – crabwalking up that hill sucked.. That indeed was the longest triple check to date – that was a heck of alot of drydocks . And there is no doubt what BT and Viral were doing during the shoulder press was illegal as well as hilarious !
    Way to work today guys – good to meet Wojo and welcome Dexter.
    See you dudes in the gloom..

  3. Welcome Dexter. Looks solid Honey Do! Haven’t seen (run from) BoBo in a while. Flipper – I’m with you #runningsucks

  4. There has to be a more efficient way of climbing Love/Hate Hill than crabwalks. With that being said, I would never expect a HoneyDo Q to include an “Easy Way”. Great Q, thanks for leading this am HoneyDo.

  5. Welcome Dexter.

    Don’t blame BT for anything that was done on those shoulder press up things … I roofied him prior to the COP.

  6. Welcome Dexter! Honey Do that was a painful experience, well done! Viral/ BT, words do not do justice, but HoneyDo’s position on your positions was accurate, on a side note, Saab is now missing a full tub of Bag Balm; I am sure it’s just a coincidence.

  7. I am considering adding your version of shoulder presses into the Honeymoon Suite.

  8. I think the naming of that exercise has EVERYTHING to do with adding it to the Suite. From the man who coined the “the jerkoff” I have full faith in you.

  9. TYA might have some information … I’ve been told he *can* apply the Bag Balm when necessary.

  10. Now you’ve got me thinking about timing how long it would take to crabwalk (which I suck at) the entirety of Hate Hill … I have to imagine it might take just about a whole 45 minute workout.

  11. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Possibly the most difficult exercise I’ve ever done. Don’t try that at home, kids. We’re professionals.