Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What color are corporate vans again?


Seven hardy souls, along with their bodies, graced the campus of WHE to pump some iron and help YHC with his second Q.  Here’s how it went down:

All exercises were done with either 10, 12 or 22 reps, to celebrate my 2.0’s 50 meter freestyle swim time (120 seconds) in the last meet of the season.


10 Don Quixotes

12 small arm circles

10 big arm circles

22 Freddie Mercurys


Mosey to back of school, as usual YHC walked fast and left the PAX in his dust!  I can’t run, but boy can I walk!

Four corners on the track, which is fast becoming part of the field.

22 Halos, lunge to next corner, 22 double arm swings, lunge to next corner (but not before Spit and Emoji did some extra curricular pull-ups at the playground), 22 slingshots, lunge again (YEA!), 22 overhead presses, plank and recover.

Mosey back to front of school, where YHC had planned something he didn’t quite understand, and after conferring with the PAX, they concurred it both made no sense and would take too much time, so instead we broke up in 2 groups, started at opposite ends of the parking lot, and recreated a Jets vs. Sharks montage, (Google West Side Story if you don’t catch the reference) slowly getting closer to each other while doing physical exercise.  These were: 22 merkins, 22 sit up presses, 22 goblet squats and 22 figure eights.  While we were doing this, 3 white vans pulled up, one after the other, stayed for a minute, then traveled on–it was posited this was Corporate pulling a AO inspection, but who knows…..

After this, mosey to the flag where YHC gifted the PAX by having them volunteer their ideas for exercises as we were 15 minutes faster than YHC had planned.  These included American Hammers, with KB, Boat Canoes, Merkins with KB raises, and Good Mornings.  There may have been one more, but YHC cannot remember right now.

Numberama, Namerama, and YHC took us out.


Reese Strong 5K on 9/16, see previous BB for link to sign up for F3 team.  Party to follow at Circle K’s house.

A special shout out to Lab Rat and Circle K, as we planted not 1 but 3 flags this morning courtesy of their work this past weekend.  Well done, gents!

Thanks to the PAX for inspiring and perspiring!

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  1. Way to sneak in that VQ! Great job, way to improvise when you hit that “No Idea” point!

  2. Great job No Idea!! Glad to have some good numbers out for MANNDate this week!! I thought that last van was going to put us to work with that bobcat on the trailer!