Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sleepless Nights


25 posted (including 2 FNG’s) on a beautiful DaVille morning. Had to detour around some construction equipment but had an excellent workout!

The Thang.

Mosey to COP in front of Bus Loop.

SSH x29 (for the 2900 miles that I will be driving to Oregon next week)                                                                       Arm Circles, LBC’s, Copper Head Squats, Flutter kicks

Mosey to side of Bus Loop for a little Dora action. Partner up with one partner exercising while the other ran 1 Bus Loop lap. 100 Merkins, 150 WWII Situps, 200 Squats.

Mosey to the soccer field for some modified 4 corners. Run as a group to each corner and complete the exercises until the Q says stop. Burpees, LBC’s, Mountain Climbers and Merkins. Completed 2 laps and finished it off with a bear crawl to the center of the field and plank.

Indian run back to the flag with a little Mary to finish it off. Lab Rat led some American Hammers while the Q went to his car to grab his phone. Finished it off with 20 Merkins on your own.

COT, Lab Rat took us out.

Had some technical difficulties trying to post a back blast but Lab Rat came to the rescue and got me setup! I prepared last night and then couldn’t fall asleep! Thank you all for coming out to my first Q, it was an awesome turnout. I have truly enjoyed the last year of F3 and wish that I had joined up with you guys earlier. I am excited about my new opportunity in Oregon and will put the shovel flag presented to me in good use out there. There are currently no F3 groups at all in Oregon and I look forward to changing that. Peace out brothers!


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  1. Cosmo, we are going to miss you, thanks for being a big part of the PAX in the last year. Glad that there was such a great turnout for your Q. Wish you all the best with your move!

  2. Döner Kebab on

    Great VQ, Cosmo! You’re a natural. Best of luck to you and your family with the cross-country move. Big times ahead! Kick ass.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    We are certainly going to miss you Cosmo… We are counting on you to plant that F3 flag out there in Oregon . I have full faith that you will indeed make it happen !
    Best wishes man – you will always be a part of F3RVA!

  4. Great job this morning! As I stated during the Group 4 corners (which was awesome, btw), if we teach you “outside voice”, you would have been damn near flawless!

    Good luck in Oregon, you will be missed. Plant that flag out there, brother!

  5. Great VQ Cosmo, that seemed like longer than 45 min, maybe it was because I had to drive all morning to get there, or maybe it was you keeping us spent. Good luck with the move.
    The Ghost Flag is impressive, nice work by Lab Rat and Circle K on its creation. Phonics and I were hashing out the rules and will come up with something for the PAX.

  6. Cosmo, have a great time in Oregon and make sure you plant a shovel flag. Sorry I missed your virgin Q. Be safe in Oregon is lucky to have you.

  7. Great VQ Cosmo! It has been great having you apart of this PAX. Good luck in Oregon!!

    25 PAX this morning! New record at DaVille. What a great way to go out!

  8. Wow, seems like a solid VQ beatdown, Cosmo! We’ll miss you in RVA. What part of Oregon? An RVA original PAX (Orville/Will Wright) moved to Portland about 2 yrs ago and I could connect you with him if that’s your location too.

  9. Thanks for all the positive feedback fellas. We are moving to Corvallis which is about 1.5 hours south of Portland. I will miss working out with you guys.

  10. Man, you killed it this morning! You were relaxed, assertive, and confident. Most importantly, you didn’t let Labrat’s chatter throw you off! Praying for the best for you out there in your new surroundings. .

  11. Super strong Q Cosmo. You will be missed but Oregon will benefit from your presence. I am confident that you will be able to plant a shovel flag and see men gather around and rise up. Well done!