Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

In Honor of a Marine


10 stalwart men gathered for some hard work in the gloom this morning at Heartbreak Ridge. Just as the last PAX arrived ON FOOT AND ON TIME, they proceeded to carry the flag around the AO in honor of Circle K’s father, who passed away yesterday. They left some shovel marks and maybe even a few trenches along the way as they sucked in the humidity on this fantastic July morning. Here’s how it went down:

— Mosey to northwest corner field outside of the track.
— Warmup: Invisible Jump Rope x20 IC, LBCs x20 IC, QUALITY Merkins x5 IC, Imperial Walkers x20 IC, Don Quixote x10 IC, Russian Soldiers IC

— Mosey to Jerkin Gym
— With partner, 10 QUALITY Jerkins, 10 QUALITY Merkins, 2 sets
— Plank-o-Rama
— Take a lap around the track, do another set of 10 QUALITY Jerkins, 10 QUALITY Merkins with your partner

— Mosey to upper field.
— Ark Loader:
. Lunge 1/2 of the field, sprint the rest. Lunges should touch knee to the ground as long as you’re able.
. Bear Crawl 1/3 of the field, sprint the rest
. Plank-o-Rama
. Bunny Hop 1/3 of the field, sprint the rest
. Army Crawl (aka “drag your pickle on the ground” per Gomer Pile) 1/3 of the field, sprint the rest

— Mosey to west school wall adjoining the parking lot
— Triple check: Wall Sits/Planks/Sprint to other side of parking lot & back. Any PAX who have not carried the flag get their opportunity here

— Mosey to start point with the flag
— COP: Ring of Fire (10 QUALITY Merkins), Freddie Mercurys x20 IC, APD (slow down & feel it in your back) x20 IC, Hello Dolly x20 IC


First things first – all PAX offer our condolences to Circle K and the Thurman family. Per Swirly, Mr. Thurman was a Marine, and thus in honor of him and in thanks for his service to our great country, we each took a turn carrying the flag during our workout this morning. Our prayer was and is for comfort in your grieving and for His grace in remembering & celebrating the life of your father. We are with you. You’re an important member of the F3RVA PAX, and we’re privileged to be able to support you during this time.

The emphasis of today’s exercises (YHC said it many times) was quality & maximum benefit over speed. The Q’s original options list included B.O.M.B.S. but with the volume of reps there it would have been much easier to let our focus falter. Maximum Benefit. Well done, PAX for rising to YHC’s challenge and executing.

Thanks Flipper and Pucker for stepping up to Q over the next two weeks. Take care of that shovel flag. The PAX is grateful that we’re not all still staring at each other wondering which non-HoneyDo/non-Loose Goose Q will take the reins.

Arrangements for Circle K’s father: Visitation will be Wed 7/19 @ Blileys Funeral Home on Augusta 6-9pm. Funeral will be @ 3pm Thursday at Our Lady of Lordes.

ReeseStrong 5K on Sep 16 – sign up now to be part of the largest, BEST team in the race. Crab picking, good fellowship, and good beer at Circle K’s afterward (all of this is family-friendly) http://www.reesestrong.org/reesestrong-5k/



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  1. Nice to pay some small tribute to Circle K and his father. Good to see Angus back out in the Gloom!

  2. I neglected to note earlier that the flag is a Bleeder-constructed, made-out-of-automobile-parts behemoth that everyone showed themselves very capable of handling. How many carried SOJ? (consider the gauntlet now thrown ahead of SOJ week)

  3. The next shovelflag I make is going to be made out of a lead pipe just to shut you guys up! Geez….

    Looks like a solid workout. Quality over quantity, huh? Interesting concept…wonder where that idea came from?

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent workout and tribute fella’s – well done !
    See y’all in the gloom..