Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Check on Gumbo’s abode


4 BRR trainees and a bonus runner posted for YHC’s return to RiverRun on a warm and muggy morning.  It was tough to decide which route to take but with the smaller PAX being regulars YHC decided to take the Riverdowns Roller Coaster.

ROUTE – Across Robious down the trail to River Downs.  Left on Riverdowns S Drive.  Left on Queens Grant Drive, right on Royal Crest Drive.  All the way to the end to check on Gumbo’s house while he is on vacation.  Everything looks safe and sound there.  Reverse route on the way return doubling back for the 6 to generate some more hill work. 4.1 to 4.9 miles logged depending on turnaround and double backs

It had been over a month since YHC had hit this run and I was happy to be back running in familiar territory.  Creeping up on the BRR Honeymoon is pushing for more and more miles to keep up with his NC team.  DK showed up just to get some miles in even though he is not running the BRR this year.  Singer and Wilson keep churning out the miles and getting stronger as they go, way to work.

YHC didn’t give the PAX the route until we were leaving the parking lot headed toward Twin Team so Wilson started to get nervous.  Once he heard we were headed to the River Downs Roller Coaster he balked, #runningsucks.  The alternative was Twin Team hill repeats so River Downs it is.

Great to be back out there and get a chance to run with the PAX.  



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  1. Wedding Singer on

    Sometimes it’s good to not know where the trail leads. But then on days like this, when the lead pax coming running back up the small mountain you just climbed over, the fear creeps in. Now I know the roller coaster, thanks Rosie.

  2. The run itself was tough, but I feel better now for doing it. BRR still scares me, but I will be ready. Guess I’ll start training soon! I enjoy (kinda) that route. Still have yet to accomplish the full route to Gumbo’s home. When I do we will have a celebration……..thanks for coming back and getting me. Enjoyed the conversation or at least listening. #runningsucks

  3. Döner Kebab on

    Thanks for the reminder why I fartsack most Mondays (and Friday)….but it’s time to get back in the running mix…even if I’m not attending the BRR this year.

  4. Well done gents. A belated thank you for checking on the Gumbo Abode while I was enjoying some authentic Gumbo down south.