Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

If you can Dodge a Wrench…


13 Friday morning warriors beat the fartsack for a humid, yet fun filled morning at Twin Team.  As the clock struck 530 the PAX were of for a quick Mosey around the bus loop, but wait, Honeymoon and Sparky break off to do a OYO 45 minute run, leaving the PAX with only 11 strong.  They made it out to the AO and are working out, I give them props, but big data and corporate will be final say on if its a post!

How it went down:


SSH – 20

DQ – 15

Imperial Walkers – 20 – Counting got suspect at this point

Mosey to baseball Field

Triple Check – Hand release Merkins, Dips, Run Length of the Field and Back

Mosey to Football Field

BURPEEBALL – Modified Dodge Ball

Split into 2 teams and battle…..but there are rules!

Rules –

1. When a PAX picks up a ball, he must do 1 Burpee before he can throw it

2. If you are hit, you must do 5 Burpees, and then do monkey humpers until the game is over

3. If you a throw a ball and it is caught by opposing team, you do 10 Burpees and a lap around the track, then monkey humpers until end of the game.

4. Losing team does 10 burpees, winning team did LBCs to keep moving

Mosey to playground

5 – Incline Merkins and a Lap around the field – x2

Mary – 25WWII OYO, Merkin Ring of Fire

Mosey to Flag

1 Minute left so that meant 1 minute straight of SSH to completion.

COT – Numberama/Namearama – Hardywood took us out!


First of all I want to thank the PAX for indulging me in my dodgeball adventure.  On Wed at SOT we named a FNG “Ocho”.  YHC immediately thought of the movie Dodgeball where they broadcasted the tournament on “ESPN 8 The OCHO”.  (Clip included)  Secondly, thanks to Wilson for helping prep and setup prior to posting.  So as the triple check came to a close and the PAX mosey toward the football field, it quickly became apparent that we were all transitioning in our mind back to 7th grade gym class to try and throw dodgeball as hard as we could.  We quickly learned it was not as easy as we remember.  Rules were explained as best as possible and the fun began.  Ill let the PAX give their account, but personally YHC was gassed between the burpees and trying to Randy Johnson a ball across the field.  TCI claps to Cottonmouth, he was the only one left on our side at one point, and had all six dodgeballs, if your reading correctly, thats 6 burpees before he could throw them.  It did not end well that game. we played a total of 4 games and split 2-2.  Also TCI Claps to Tatu, who took one off the dome piece, and Honey-Do who took one in the Honey-Do region.  Great work by all today, thank you for letting me lead this great group of men! Also great to have the non-SOJ PAX make the trip, much appreciated!  I hope you all have a great weekend!  See you in the gloom boys!



  • Reese Strong – See Phonics
  • Golf – August 7, See Upchuck
  • New run at 6am Sundays called  “Off the Books” at Urban Farmhouse in Midlothian…Its on the App




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  1. Drew Lineberger on

    Marmaduke, great Q today!! Well worth the hour commute. “Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge;” words to live by! Still a little concerned why your riding around with 6 ADA-approved dodge balls in your truck!!! Don’t know whether to be impressed or completely sketched-out!!

  2. Nice work Marmaduke. I was ok as you went the extra distance and got real ADA balls, unlike some other Qs in the past. It’s the little things that show the Q cares.

  3. Great Q Marmaduke. Tons of fun slinging your balls around. I think your balls even hit someone’s face.

  4. For comparison purposes, our last attempt at dodgeball is listed at the bottom of the page under “all time favorites”. Let’s just say that the 47 comments took a turn for the “not safe for work” by about comment 2.

    Awesome job, Marmaduke! I hope everybody can ice down their hurt regions and be back at it! HoneyDo, I don’t know how you posted this morning. I’m almost recovered at this writing.

  5. Can’t have a SOJ workout overtake a West End beatdown in all-time comments! Plus I’d like to think we’ve matured as a PAX over time.

  6. That was sooooo much fun. Great job Marmaduke! “Your balls hit someone’s face.” BAAAHAHAHAHA

  7. Great job Marmaduke. Thanks for letting us break in your new balls. Looking forward to more Marmaduke Qs.

  8. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    This really is impressive guys cause Marmadukes do have some big ass balls…..