Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Green Acres, the Wilder Side


A hearty three said “no thanks” to the snooze button, even if their wives kept them up watching Game of Thrones last night.  It was hot, it was muggy, but there were hills to be conquered:

COP- not necessary

THANG- Mosey back to bridge in the woods at the bottom of the hill for Jacob’s Ladder Hill Repeats.  1 burpee at the bottom, 2 at the edge of the woods.  Continue until 10 burpees, for 5 hill repeats.  Mosey on back to flag.

7 Minutes of Mary-  Round Robin.  Exercises included Rosalita, freddie mercury, LBC, Heels to Heaven, 6″ hold, Hello Dollies.

NMM- As proclaimed, Lab Rat made today what Green Acres was made for, a run heavy AO.  I mean, seriously, there are parts of the AO that you cant even get to without running a half a mile first.  The pax made it to the back with little issue, and were rewarded by the sights (and smells) of nature waking up to the day.  In the first half mile, the pax came upon a deer on the edge of the woods, a skunk that was WAY too close for comfort, and then another deer that decided it was just too damn hot to stand anymore.  She was laying almost next to the road in the grass, and paid us no mind as we sauntered on by.

Once in the woods however, we were the only wildlife to be seen.  TBH, the Q was a little nervous running the path downhill in the dark, considering it is snake season, and Toucan’s recent killing of the copperhead.  Spit killed it today, leaving Hurricane and Lab Rat to bring up the six.  We had ample time to talk about many subjects in between sucking wind, including his knowledge of the Niagra Falls area, and how the first person to go over the falls was in a pickle barrel.  Smart man, that Hurricane.

Full disclosure, the heat got to Lab Rat today, it was a real struggle in the home stretch.  Tomorrow’s run is sure to be a sweat fest as well.


Until then, Lab Rat apologizes.


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  1. Great Q this morning LabRat! I agree the heat sucked this morning. It was nice to change thing up! Hurricane got a little IC practice this morning. Next up VQ?!

  2. It was surely a melt your face kind of morning. Hurricane is on vacation next week, so plenty of time to practice his Q licks. Let’s see what he comes back with!