Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Are We Gruntled Yet?


21 warriors rose to meet the challenge of a new day.  According to legend it went a little something like this.

COP SSH, IW, LCB, FM X 20 IC, Merkin X 10 IC

Modified 4 Corners – Complete exercise at each corner on the way out and back, adding a corner each round.  Plank in between each round.

The exercises were the following: Corner 1 20 Decline Merkins at , Corner 2 20 WWII Situps, Corner 3 20 Dips, Corner 4 20 Burpees

  • Round 1 – Corner 1
  • Round 2 – Corner 1, Corner 2, Corner 1
  • Round 3 – Corner 1, Corner 2, Corner 3, Corner 2, Corner 1
  • Round 4 – Corner 1, Corner 2, Corner 3, Corner 4, Corner 3, Corner 2, Corner 1

Leg Ladder – Mosey to tennis courts.  This is a modified suicide workout.

  • Hop on 1 leg across 1 court and complete 10 (2 count) American Hammers, run back to start.
  • Hop on opposite leg across 2 courts and complete 10 (2 count) American Hammers, run back to start.
  • Hop on opposite leg across 3 courts and complete 10 (2 count) American Hammers, run back to start.
  • Hop on opposite leg across 4 courts and complete 10 (2 count) American Hammers, run back to start.

Bearly Alive – Partner up at soccer field.  One partner runs to the opposite end and the other partner starts to bear crawl.  Partner one touches the opposite side and runs back to partner.  Upon meeting back up complete 2 boo-yah merkins and switch.  Completion is when the length of the field has been bear crawled by the team.

Hermanos En Fuego – Partner up for a modified Ring of Fire, partners get on opposite sides of the circle.  All men in the plank position.  First team bear crawls to middle and completes 10 Boo Yah merkins the crawl bears back.  Next team goes until the entire squad has complete.

Numberama, Namerama, COT, Viral took us out.

Moleskin – On Tuesday afternoon YHC checked the Q sheet to see how much espresso and Ibuprofen for WDog. Much to the surprise of YHC 45MOM was sans Q.  The timing was great, as after a week at the beach YHC was ready to get back into action.  Big shout to Wilson  and Swiper for slaying it on the modified 4 Corners. Grunt and Scrappy put on a burpee clinic.  Hermanos En Fuego was well received.  Great to see the sons and dads team up and show the strength of their respective gene pools.  Kudos to Gumbo for jumping in with YHC for a second helping of Boo Yah merkins.

After careful consideration an adjustment has been made to our newest member of the tribe.  Cabbage Patch was a guest of Shake Down.  He introduced him as a gardner and the rest of the description was lost from there.  Several names were thrown out, before settling on Cabbage Patch.  One thing we do not do is settle.  The Commission on Special Naming Projects revisited the name.  The thought process went like this.  Gardner -> Red Hot Chili Peppers -> Crotch Sock -> Blood Sugar Sex Magic -> Sugar Sock.  Welcome Sugar Sock.

News – Please keep brother Circle K in your thoughts as his father has entered hospice.

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  1. That was a nice welcome back after my last post two weeks ago. Oof that was smoker. LOVED the booya merkin circle!!!

    Welcome to Cabbage Patch (Sugar Sock?) … you did a great job out there today!!!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Heck of a beatdown Hardywood!
    Way to work guys..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Great beatdown Hardywood. Way to jump back in with a bang. I second the love for the Hermanos En Fuego style of ROF – that was a great modification for a large PAX. Lookout for that one at a Dogpile soon!

    I do not share the love for the modification of the 4-corners that has reared its head at TwinTeam/River Run a couple of times (once at my instruction — a moment of insanity for sure) – payback is a B—-. What a beast that is! But kudos to the PAX today for slaying it.

    Also great to pair up with Wilson couple times today. Way to crush the Bearly Alive segment.

    Welcome Sugar Sock!

    Lifting up our brother Circle K with thoughts an prayers – we are here for you man.

  4. I feel like I just caught a glimpse of what goes on inside of Hardywood’s mind….I’m scared..let me out!! Tube Sock, Flea, Sex Magic(too nice and not 2.0 friendly) Ok it’s Sugar Sock. Great beatdown!! Wilson is crushing it!!! Also great to see Flashdance again and the Patent pending Flerkin (Flashdance Merkin) performed to perfection by its creator. Will miss everyone at Dogpile and ET’s but will post at F3 Pittsburgh. F3 RVA Represent

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Atta baby Flipdog – go represent buddy – show them how we roll in F3RVA!

  6. Killer beat-down Hardywood. Prayers with Circle K and his family. Looking forward to what Marmaduke brings tomorrow.

  7. Depends on who is asking. If an employer, M or 2.0 is asking then a sugar sock is an old gardners tool found in the July 1973 isse of the Farmers Almanac. It helps to keep grub worms out of your tomatoes.

    If someone from F3 is asking it has a slightly different meaning.