Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



COP all IC

SSH X 15

DQ x 10

Hillbillies x 10

Indian Burpees

PAX lines up and perform burpees

the six run up to lead

from playground to post

Death Crawl Polar Bears

Bear crawl 5 steps with KB

one merkin with hand on KB

spin around

one merkin with other had on KB

crawl bear 5 steps with KB

from post to playground

Mosey to track for


30 merkin rows and 10 situp presses

run a lap

then increase and decrease by 10

Some Abomination That Did Not Work

I don’t know what happened here

there were merkins in swings

weighted leg lifts

I think a playground slide came into play

some running was done


YHC needs to apologize to the PAX that showed up today. He did not have his act together and the Q showed it. In a moment of pride he thought that he could just wing it when he got there, that proved to be hubris on his part. There was too much walking, nothing flowed right, and that thing at the end was a travesty. YHC owes you a better, proper beatdown. Thank goodness there were no FNGs there.

With that said the PAX crushed everything that was put in front of them with out complaint.



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  1. Sorry to have missed this morning fellas! MudFace don’t beat yourself up to much. You took this Q last minute