Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

APB for Missing Pug


A pax of 2 met at the top of Hillcrest on a Wed afternoon to tackle a few hills.  The temp was 96, and the humidity was fully “on.”. Yhc (Jville) completed two 1 mi loops before being joined by Shakedown.  The newly formed pax then completed three more. Shakedown had legs for more but wisely opted not to challenge the heat alone after yhc dropped.  Nearly the whole neighborhood was out looking for a missing Pug who resides at 200 Hillcrest.  We joined the effort, but the pug remained missing when we stopped.  Hopefully that has now been resolved.

Great job Shakedown!


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  1. If I was looking for a lost dog, my first stop would be to procure some nearby smoked meats.

    Nice work, team of two!!!