Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Not Goodbye


30 with a COT plus one posted for yet another beautiful morning in RVA.  Fudd widely publicized YHC’s final Dogpile Q, and it went something like this:

Fudd took the Q and had the PAX mosey to field near the side of the VITA trail for warmup COP:  SSH (molasses slow), merkins, box cutters, arm circles, Don Quixote, Imperial Walkers.., and maybe something else.

Mosey to the lake for another edition of “Burpee Lake”: Alternate exercises at each light pole around the lake with the exercises being two burpees and leg raise alphabet spelling “TOGA”.

Hand Q to YHC for mosey to the rusty cage.  Ladder the following exercises up to 7: pull-ups, squats and merkins

Mosey to Carillon field for EMOM ascending shuttle run and merkins.  The PAX started with 3 ~15 yd runs with 3 merkins at the end of the last run.  Rest till minute 2 began and go up to 4 runs with 4 merkins at the end.  Keep going up by one till nobody can complete the runs and merkins within the minute.

Lineup in rows for ye’ old football ground drills.  Chop feet, execute rolls right or left and do a forward roll and sprint to the line after the “go” call.

COT, Saab joined us, and Fudd took us out.

NMM:  It was extremely thoughtful that Fudd reached out to YHC to help Q this workout.  To YHC’s amazement, Fudd showed up on time and with a flag #AAF.  We also discussed his plans for the workout, and YHC was led to believe that burpee lake would be the doom of the entire PAX.  It seemed like the PAX had lots of mumble chatter and was just fine through that evolution.  We’ve come a long way!

The EMOM run/merk was meant to be a bit of a mashup from something YHC has used at other Qs lately, and it’s always a joy to see people wonder what the big deal is during the first few reps.  Reality tends to set in after a few reps and the mumble chatter completely stops the last few reps.  Congrats to Phonics and Hardywood for almost completing 11!  Fun times…

Re the title and everything else, YHC’s M has family in RVA, and Toga will return from time-to-time.., whether you like that or not.  One of YHC’s go to thoughts during prayer is that God will show us the path, help us stay true to the teachings of his son, and help those that are put in our path.  This PAX has (and always will) meant a lot to me, it has been there for me in the best and worst of times, your words and actions have helped keep me on the path that I so often have trouble seeing, and it will never be forgotten.


  • See Phonics re Reese Strong 5k
  • See Upchuck for charity golf outing
  • HDHH at The Answer Weds. this week

Stay Classy,



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  1. Nice work Toga and Fudd. I’ll save your hug Toga for HDHH. When you posteoporosis back again at Dogpile should we call you The Godfather?

  2. Great leaders and great PAX today.

    Thank you, Toga, for all your creative Qs and inspiring leadership that I have witnessed in my 15+ months with F3RVA. We will look forward to your posting with us anytime you are in town.

  3. Solid beating today fellas! Nap needed today. Toga – I agree. Not goodbye! I’ll see you in an airport soon.

  4. Toga, Fudd, hell of a beatdown, I wish not to say goodbye, so I shall see you later, AlliGATOr

  5. Great job Fudd and Toga!! Toga you will be truly missed! Looking forward to you stopping by DaVille before you leave!!

  6. Welcome to FNG Scrappy….way to lay it down out there!

    Farewell to Toga. Vaya Con Dios my friend. Be sure to follow your own advice and stay classy out there in Nashville.

  7. Great job Fudd and Toga!

    That was a great beat down with a lot of AO coverage.

    Toga, I look forward to future seeing you upon your travels back to RVA. Best of luck on your upcoming move.

    Fudd, that was a great job taking us out yesterday too.

    Welcome to scrappy. Great job!


  8. I still have the over/under on Nice Toga in Nashville at 1 week…let the wagering begin…See you in the Gloom Toga wherever it may be. BJ Palmer the developer of Chiropractic said,” You never know how far reaching something you may say, think, or do today will effect the lives of millions tomorrow”. Your EH changed my life Brother … eternally great full…