Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Iron sharpens iron but gravel sharpens what?


Eleven experienced PAX posted for Gridiron on a sunny, humid Saturday morning.  YHC arrived a little early and planted the ShovelFlag.  In contrast to other times of the year, the parking lot already contained a few cars – those of some other guys getting some sweat going somewhere else on the AO.

The Thang:  After an abbreviated disclaimer, including an explanation that while we’d discussed one day taking on an all Burpee Beast at Gridiron, YHC had not planned one for the morning.  We did start with some Burpees (only 5) followed by 20 each of SSHs, Don Quixotes, Imperial Walkers, and Helicopters, 15 Arm Circles (each way of differing diameters), and 10 Alternating Arm Hugs.

Jog to the northern edge of the parking lot.  Knock out 5 Burpees then Lunge Walk the length of the nearby footbridge.  Alternate 5 Burpees and Lunge Walking or a Light Jog three more times completing the jog at the edge of the Strikers Park parking lot.

Using the seven columns of parking spaces in this parking lot, complete exercises in each space one column at a time.  Per column, from Pouncey Tract Road and working east, complete Burpees, Squats, Hello Dollys, Carolina Dry Docks, Side Lunges, Flutter Kicks, and Merkins.  Complete 1 Burpee per parking space, 2 of each arm and leg exercise, and 3 of each abdominal exercise – resulting in 25 Burpees, 60 Squats, 90 Hello Dollys, 64 Carolina Dry Docks, 64 Side Lunges, 96 Flutter Kicks, and 64 Merkins.  The PAX split up and completed columns in whatever order desired.  Time check before 8 AM followed by mosey back to the ShovelFlag.

Several PAX left kettlebells near the flag.  Completed 15 Curls and 15 Pullovers OYO to complete the workout.  COT and Attila took us out.

Moleskin:  Cru, Flip Phone, and Byproduct pulled in as the flag was being planted.  The White Deer clown car followed – out of which popped White Deer, Hoops, Cletus, and Johnsonville.  Attila, Nightcrawler, and Earthworm arrived minutes later.  White Deer-led mumblechatter started immediately.

J’ville disclosed that Earthworm had missed Circus Maximus earlier in the week because he’d been confused about the day of the week by the July 4th holiday.  Apparently this disclosure by J’ville may have run afoul of J’ville and Earthworm’s partnership agreement – no really.  White Deer took some joy in giving Earthworm a hard time about this in spite of missing Circus Maximus himself.

Cletus arrived wearing a UVA sweatshirt and kept it on until the PAX arrived at the Strikers Park parking lot – hardcore long sleeve action rivaling Wilson.  Hoops, White Deer’s kid, and Cletus, Hoops’ buddy, are both 15 years old and at least 30 years younger than the rest of the PAX.   These guys stuck together during the parking lot portion of the workout and seemed to maintain way more capacity for conversation than the rest of us.

Given the choice of exercise to start with in the parking lot, about half of the PAX started with the Burpees.  The ab exercises proved more challenging – while involving low reps, these involved getting down and up repeatedly from a coarse gravel lot.

In the mosey back to the ShovelFlag, YHC witnessed the race to the flag involving Johnsonville, Flip Phone, Cletus, and Hoops.  Johnsonville had a slight lead, but not sure who won.

Nice to have you return to GridIron Cru and Byproduct and good to see Nightcrawler back after some time away.  Good also to have the young guys post.  And of course YHC appreciates the time with the GridIron regulars.

We spoke about the DogPile workout that finished right as GridIron started.  From all at GridIron, take care Toga and see you soon.


July 9th – Central Virginia Orienteering bike-O event at Pocahontas State Park – Google Central Virginia Orienteering Meetup Group for info – more Orienteering events throughout the year.

July 12th – HDHH / Toga send-off at The Answer Brewpub – check website(s) for earlier Preblast

August 7th – Charity golf tournament in Stafford – see Upchuck for details.

September 16th – Reese Strong 5K –Signs ups will open soon. Join the F3 team.




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