Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Thunderstruck and Reporting from Ghana


As a Sunny and 70 day brewed, 5 brave souls decided to be Thunderstruck by a Wednesday afternoon Storm for a Hill Run on the HillCrest Loops of various shapes and distances.


Shake Down was patiently waiting on the top of of the hill in high Truck, YHC arrived with 2.0’s, Theta and Pele in tow, The run commenced at 5:30 PM, during the first loop UpChuck joined the PAX and proceeded to run with Shake Down and Pele, leaving YHC in the dust, ( more like a wake.) At some point Pele, decided that he no longer wanted to run loops, and made the executive decision that he could run home, which by all accounts was roughly the same distance as YHC and Theta both ran.

As a side note, it was reported that at 0630, Herbie (TYA’s 2.0) called home to report that she had arrived safely in Ghana and that this was the time the mission workers told the youth they could check in with there Parents. M TYA had to ask, “Your dad is went with you, right?”

Reesestrong registration is now open and Phonics has created the F3RVA team: https://runsignup.com/RaceGroups/4045/Groups/386047 .


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