Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

ummmm…..where is everybody?


4….wait, no 5 pax members that obviously had nothing better to do the previous night showed up for WDog, which had everybody scratching their heads wondering if there was a party in which we were not invited to that raged on to the wee hours.  We were there to get in a workout though, so onward we pushed:

Warmup mile:  Pax stays together for a jog around the lake and back to the first circle.

COP:  In cadence, SSH, DQ, IW, arm circles


  • Work Release Dora- Break up into pairs, one team member runs circumference of amphitheater while other performs exercises to 100.  The exercises were:  1 merkin, 2 V-ups, 3 squats.  While running, pax had the option of picking up trash.  Each item of trash accounted for 1 Dora.  All pax members took this option.
  • 2 minutes of Mary- hold 6 inches routine, including hold 6, hold 90, hold 6 wide legs.


OK, I guess Circle K dropped the hammer yesterday morning, because NOBODY showed up!  I’m sure we would have to go deep into the files to find the last time WDog was even single digits, much less 5!  No matter, Lab Rat had a plan to implement that was not affected by the relatively small pax size.  I did feel guilty when Bootleg came running in with Sippy Cup looking a little rough around the seams and I informed him we were doing a warmup mile.  We modified the run a bit to keep the hills out for his well being.

Lab Rat talked everybody thru the run (shocker, I know) telling tales about the family’s grand adventure to SNP yesterday.  Waterfalls, raspberries and snakes…oh my!  Sippy’s form has not suffered thru his rehab…he still runs effortlessly, even though he says he feels it the next day.  Bootleg powered thru a real stinker of a morning today…the humidity really takes a toll.  Hang in there, brother!  Pay your toll thru the summer and you will be crushing it in the fall!  Bleeder is just a huge success story on the running.  Truly remarkable that he is able to run at all, much less putting in 5-6 workouts and runs a week.  Perseverance at it’s finest!  Flipper got his own warmup lap in, probably pushing a little over the one planned warmup mile.  Bleeder tried to count as loud as possible for his benefit, only to wake up a park resident that was camped out in the amphitheater.  He eventually found us during Dora and jumped right in.

In case the reader was wondering, “Work Release Dora” was a smashing success!  Everybody left a sweaty mess and the amphitheater looked great.

I hope everybody had a great long weekend and got some good family quality time in.  Big happenings this week revolve around DaVille, as we are playing Ultimate (frisbee) tomorrow at 6pm at Atlee High School (DaVille AO), followed by beers at COTU.  Also, Reesestrong registration is now open and Phonics has created the F3RVA team:  https://runsignup.com/RaceGroups/4045/Groups/386047 .

One last note:  Thoughts and Prayers go out to Circle K’s father, who has been moved to Hospice as his health continues to decline.  Circle K, you know where to lean, brother.  We got your six.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Lab Rat, The flipping Canoe story was brilliant, Having spent many hours rolling a canoe over, myself, good luck on your search and recovery mission.

  2. Yeah, gives a whole new meaning to the term, “flipping a canoe”, huh?

    Good to hang with you this morning.

  3. Nice work men. Way get some service in with your sweat.

    Prayers out for you and your family, Circle K. We are here for you brother.

  4. Sorry to miss this morning. Looks like the cleanup crew experienced a great beatdown. Thanks to all for the prayers for Pop. Much Appreciated

  5. It was good to be with you guys this morning. I like the smaller workouts.

  6. Still lobbying for the 5:33 start…Thanks for the effort Bleeder!! Humidity is the new Kryptonite…Get your minerals in an hydrate fellas. Well done Lab Rat… Keep it up Bootleg