Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

West Enders own Batteau


Three gentlemen from north of the James posted at Batteau on a brutally humid morning. Here is what went down:

COP – SSH, Merkins, Flutterkicks, DQs, Imperial Walkers.

Head to tennis courts- Polar bear to net, 5 Merkins then back, 5 Merkins. Repeato. Then Triple check of Elbow Planks, partner jumps over and back of planker, and run.

Mosey to playground- 4 sets of 6 Pull-ups. Mosey around the lake- take path down and around, stopping at lampposts to do either 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, or 15 WWII situps. Msey back up to tennis courts. 5 min mary, then back to Pull-up bars for 3 more sets of 4.

Head down to run up full Forest Hill. 5 Burpees at top. Back to flag for more mary and 20 Merkins finish. Flipper took us out.

NMS – It is never good on the drive over to the AO when you have to turn your wipers on and it is NOT raining. The July humidity was in full effect making it a truly gloomy morning in the gloom.

With Swirly or Hardywood out of town, YHC began to worry he might be Solo until Flipper hauled in at 5:29. We ran around and then get Fudd in the COP.

The small numbers let the Pax get all the pull-ups they wanted on the playground. Flipper and Fudd both crushed them. On our mosey around the lake Fudd shared what fun he had being dragged at Dogpile.

At the end it was great to watch Flipper knock out the last Pull-up sets on his own. A true testament to getting stronger.

Announcements – 4th July Convergence at Dogpile at 6 am.

Silent Assassin signing off.


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  1. Sorry to miss a Honey Do Q. YHC posted at MOHAI with F3 Puget Sound this morning, where the weather was 60 degrees and cloudy. Kojak gave an awesome beatdown that involved an eight pound medicine ball and Tabata Tai Chi.

  2. Nice to see you found the Seattle AO clavin. Now to get your wst coasts posts inot big data somehow.

  3. We all have our super power but working on beating your kryptonite is sometimes where your greatest growth occurs…. I still suck at pull ups but this group has always helped push me to get better…. today was the best pull up day in the Flipper file. Thanks men for the support I hope I can help each one of you do something you didn’t think you could do.

  4. Nice Q Honeydo. Enjoyed the tour of Forest Hill Park as well as watching Flipper pound out those pull-ups.

    I’m usually headed to Baltimore at 6am on Mondays so it was awesome to be able to attend a workout. Hope to see you boys tomorrow as well!