Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bleeder needs to do laundry


The PAX-9 (including 1 FNG and 3 Wed Hill newbies)

What did we do-Ran up and down for 45-50 minutes

NMS:  YHC loves the Wed Hill runs because there is no better way to sweat out some stress than running some hills after a day in the office.  YHC has had a particularly stressfull past couple of days and definitely needed a good run.  TYA has given up giving directions for these runs, as nobody follows the routes he plans.  The PAX just runs from hill to hill in whatever direction they decide.  All is good as the entire PAX crushed the hills today.  YHC and Swirly completed 2 big loops and 2 small loops.  TYA and Gomer Pyle made 3 big loops look easy.  Offshore, Loose Goose, Bleeder and Theta mixed in a combination of Big Loops, Small Loops and various other routes conquering every hill along the way.   Swirly and YHC were enjoying the scenery with a couple of our perferred post Wed Hill Run hydration beverages (Coldbeer) when Saab rolled in about 730pm.  Way to get some hills in, albeit a little late.  BRR will be here before you know it, as Swirly has informed me, the Hillcrest neighbors have plenty of hills they love to share with F3RVA.

Welcome Theta.

Circle K



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  1. Circle K, thanks for picking up the Q. I had steam coming out of my ears knowing I wasn’t going to get there in time.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Thanks for the BB and the CB’s – Circle k 🙂
    Well done pax!
    Come on out dudes – BRR will be here before you know it!