Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

1-2-3-What the heck is his problem?


Six dudes showed up to see if YHC could remember how to count, but we did some other stuff too. Read on for the details.

COP (All IC)

  • SSH x10
  • Hillbillies x12
  • Copperhead Squats x14
  • Arm Circles x10,5 and reverse x10,5


Parking Lot Tracers on the way to the basketball hoop.

Pair up for Doracides (thx Circle K) 2 pairs and a trio did the following as teams:

  • 100 – LBCs
  • 150 – Squats
  • 200 – Heels to Heaven

Mosey over to the jungle gym and track for a Six Pack interlude. 1 Pull-up(or chin-up)/5 Merkins to 5 Pull-ups/1 Merkin and back down to 1 Pull-up(or chin-up)/5 Merkins.

At the same location get into 3’s for a  Triple Check

  • Durkins on the jungle gym ladder
  • Dips on the tall edge of the other jungle gym
  • 1 lap runner to keep it moving
  • 3 rounds for good measure

Time still on the clock. A round of 11s on the small valley of suck commenced.  Spit chose Merkins to work on the monthly challenge and our friend from Hickory, NC chose squats.  YHC knew he meant jump squats, so we did.  Called an audible with 3 minutes to get to COT.

Mosey back to the Flag.  Ring of fire with 10x Merkins.

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.


Last night I dragged my 2.0s to the park to put the final touches on my plan.  They had a good time and got Bruster’s on the way home. The numbers in COP were for them (Sami-10, Jonah-12, Micah-14)

I arrived very early today due to my normal Q-anxiety, but it allowed me to set up the cones for the Doracides.  The cones are still at the AO, so guess who will be stopping by this evening.

Slimer and a freshly EH’d Alien (FNG) and Hurricane were next to arrive and stuck around even after finding out that YHC was QIC. YHC was very pleased when the 6th PAX arrived so that the Triple Check was possible.  Everyone performed admirably and Patti Mayo represented Hickory very well today!

My cadence calls continue to be embarrassing.  I may just drop COP from my routines and just deal with LP and Labrat’s mumblechatter in the future.

COT, the PAX assisted YHC and a F3 name was given to FNG (Alien).

Welcome, Alien and Patti Mayo!


Pray for Abacus as he completes his mammoth ride today:   Check out his Pre-Blast

First Thursday in DaVille coming up on July 6th

F3RVA Independence Day Convergence

You asked for a Wheelie Q? You got it!


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  1. It was my honor to lead this morning. Hope it was worth getting out of the fartsack!

  2. Sounds like a great beatdown Wheelie. Sorry to have missed this morning. Glad you got to enjoy the Doracides. They always bring the pain

  3. Great Green Acres VQ Wheelie! Doracides was no joke but made partnering up with Patty Mayo made it a little better.

    It was great to see some newer faces at this AO today!

    Welcome to Alien, hope to see you back out soon!

    Glad to have Patty Mayo visiting again! Hope to see you later on this week!